Five Minute Friday- Worship

Five Minute Friday


With a name like Faith, I’ve always felt I had to have a good sense of spirituality. Growing up, it was primarily the Christian faith. I would go with my baby sitter every Sunday to “Sunday Worship” at various churches. I don’t know why, but she cycled through a lot of churches. For all the churches in my town, we visited them all at least once.

I could never understand why most religions, or rather the practitioners, are so exclusive. Even now, I can’t understand why, if God does exist, he would only prefer one way of worship… I also think it’s pretty insulting to a deity is so supposed to be of such a higher level than us, that we would presume to know what HE or SHE would do or want of us. If we have a creator, who created all the people and all the creatures of this world.. who obviously loves and enjoys the differences each can bring.. turn around and say.. oh.. but there’s only ONE way to worship me..

I think that’s bull..

I think any way to find meaning in this world, is beautiful. I’ve always been fascinated with religions and the way they connect to the divine. I’d never dare presume that one is better than the other… just that one way to worship is better for an individual than others are.


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