Who Are You? Character Edition

Facebook has this new craze where you post three characters you identify with. It’s been interesting to see who my friends and family see themselves as within the dramatized characters seen on screen. This took a lot of time for me to really think on what characters are a good representation of myself… but I finally did it!


Kiki, pictured in the middle of this Bad Moms Trio, was an easy one. Let’s just say, I should be suing for copyright infringement as this is me when I am in mom mode. When my thai momma friends and I go out to see a movie we are usually the loudest people in that theatre. My friend M throughout this movie kept poking me and hollering “That is you, Faith!!!” And there was even discussion that there may be a video of me doing the same exact drunk dance walk Kiki does.. only I was probably sober at the time..

Anyways, what makes me connect to her, is how tied she is to her husband’s envision of how she should act and be as a mother. Now, my husband is actually pretty zen about my life choices, so I’m not comparing my relationship to hers.. but I do often feel like I am internally combatting between being a “proper” domestic stay at home mom who cleans and makes brownies for school functions and a person who is really doesn’t mind a messy house…… I do, however, project this internal struggle onto my husband a lot.. that’s not cool..


Lorelei Gilmore … I have identified with her since before I graduated high school. The quick sarcastic whit coupled by the fact she lives in a small town in Connecticut AND works at a hotel. Me… mee.. mee.. We share the same management philosophy, love for coffee and both raised our daughters to be more than we can hope to be.

If only I had parents that were very well off…..


Mellie Grant: First Lady, Senator and hopefully next President of the United States (I am only in the middle of season 5.. no spoilers).

Like Mellie, I am a bit tired of being cast in my husband’s shadow, meant to play only a supporting role. I am smart.. I am hardworking… and I feel destined to be more than what people keep saying I should be.

Also, I’m not afraid to bitch slap the most powerful man in the world when he does me wrong.. although my slaps have been verbal and of lesser power people.

I envy that she demanded what she felt she deserved and as far as I can see is excelling at it.

Did anyone else play this game on facebook? What are your three choices???


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