Summer Blues

I think I had a small bout of depression. Days where I spent a good deal of time laying in bed and staring at the fan.

Then staring into the fan turned into reading… A LOT.


At some point we fell into a routine that made the summer feel bearable.

We developed a pay to play system for the kids getting internet.

Our evenings were largely spent at the dojo. My son and I would walk the two mile loop while his sister was in class and his sister and I would read during his. In the beginning of the summer I took some evening classes but now my shoulder is so busted up I can’t even lift it up over my head.

Tuesday and Thursdays we’d play at the beach after hours. Three hours is just enough to get a good beach feel in without having to both burn our pasty white selves and pay a drive in fee.. Plus when Pokemon Go came out and the kids and I got addicted, I could sit by a Pokestop and bank on goods while they had their adventures.  

Fridays we’d go to the lake on base with our usual summer crew. They added this new inflatable water obstacle course that the big kids love. I tried with my daughter and we both weren’t coordinated enough to find it a good enough time.

Now summer is almost over and I wish I could have enjoyed it more.