The Return of the Lilies




When life is testing you, and pushing you to your limits… remember:Image


My garden has been seriously neglected this year. It probably wasn’t HGTV worthy.. but it was my garden and it was my communion with nature and all that.

Now I’m working 6 nights a week and what time I have during the day is taking care of the house, my mother and children and whatever obligations I’ve signed myself up for… It’s been exhausting.

I seriously want to break and just throw in the towel….

But what keeps me going…still is my garden.

It’s like the Charley Brown Christmas tree of gardens right now, mostly dried up dirt.


Yet look at my lilies! Last year I broke up the insane amount of bunches that they had huddled in and ended up with almost twice as many more this year. In all I ended up having 112 bulbs that in the past week bloomed. The timing couldn’t have been more needed.



This was a reminder to myself that no matter how bleak situations feel, beauty will always triumph if you allow it. I may want to break down and give up.. but the beauty of my character will keep me strong if I continue to focus on the positive.


I snipped some and have them in the window so they can be a reminder to my strength. Soon I will need to battle the epic dish pile waiting to be hand washed since our dishwasher decided to break. (See this month is cursed!)



These lilies never last long, so I’m trying to make the best of enjoying them while I can!



What Type of Black Belt Would You Make?


By watching other black belts within my dojo I’ve noticed that there are differing types of black belts.



The first, is the “elitist” black belt. Before their black belt they were your average student. Strap that black strip around their waists and they walk around the dojo like they own it. They correct everyone on everything, enforce dojo protocol more ferociously than the Kyoshi’s and feel the need to lecture you endlessly… <~ Douche to the extreme… and thankfully very rare



Then there’s the humble “a black belt is just a white belt that never quits” black belt. These black belts continue on training like they never even earned a black belt. They don’t believe there is an elevation of status and don’t see any division between them and any belt lower. <~ super cool and chill



Lastly  there’s the “Sensei” Black Belts. These black belts feel there is a responsibility to share what they’ve learned with the underbelts. They spend most of their time going over forms and techniques than actually caring about their own training. <~ Leaders of awesomeness.


What kind of black belt will I make?




April Stitch from Stash



I’m proud of my financially savvy saving during this challenge! Instead of purchasing the recommended third set of beads for the Butterfly Fairy I used some already in my stash. They weren’t exactly the right size, but I think the 3D look they give adds to the awesomeness of the design..

Yay for Money being saved!

With the completion of Butterfly fairy I had to start a new project! Nothing in my stash was calling to me, so I ended up ordering Alessandra Adelaide’s design called Halloween.


I’m making it for my husband’s cousin who like him, has a borderline obsession with all things Halloween.

Fabric and some extra threads for a different project I started (in which they sent the wrong thread… enter sad face here) brought my total for this month up to…


In case you don’t believe me!!




Spring Break!


It’s Spring Break for this college student!!

Let the parties and insane drinking begin! Even better let’s travel somewhere where bikinis can be worn without adding 7 layers!!!


Or…. we could settle for Plan B

Which will now be known as the EXTREME SPRING BREAK CLEANING EXTRAVAGANZA! (the extravaganza misleads me into think I’ll actually enjoy this process…how devious)

I spent yesterday making epic lists.. breaking my days down to the hour so that I stay super productive.. Each day I focus on a specific room(s). I’ve also made a detailed list of what exactly needs done in these rooms…

I’m pumped!!! This house is going to look someone gives a damn!

 IMG_20140317_082919_089 (2)

Yup.. this is what 30 year olds do folks… they get excited for cleaning….

The Time Has Come to Admit My Spending Splurges..


So how much of my husband’s hard earned income did I spend supporting my habit?


This month I spent $24.81!

Soooo close to pushing that $25.00 limit!

What did I buy you ask?

Well my daughter begged (or demanded depending on who is telling the story) to make this:

CLICK HERE to see what I’m making

Joan Elliott is my absolute favorite designer.. so it didn’t really require much begging/demanding from the 5 year old.

I already had the pattern and the fabric.. most of the threads..What got me is the metallic threads. There’s three separate colors of metallic threads that really make the colors pop out in this design.. I bought two spool of each color just in case.. I already lost one of the spools so my “just in case” was pretty handy!

With so much snow and more importantly being snowed in, it’s been a sanity line stitching something that is bright and vibrant. It gave me hope that spring does indeed exist and will return!!! And that hope was challenged by some pretty fierce winter forecasts. I got a lot of my stitching done while we were practically snowed in for 6 straight days.. The weather in our area has been insane! I live by the coast for a reason!!

In March I’ll discuss how all my money was sunk into purchasing beads for this gorgeous design!

*for those unaware of what I’m talking about.. THIS POST explains the challenge I’m a part of

There’s some excitement in the air around here folks!

My English Professor also teaches Women’s Studies, a course my friend really wanted to take but it ended up being cancelled due to lack of interest…. When my friend mentioned it during English class there was a whirlwind…We’re talking about Women’s Studies one minute.. the next we’re agreeing to revamp the school’s Students Advocating For Gender Equality. Or more she is and I’m getting dragged along..


At first I found it a bit questionable..

From the talk that was thrown around, women’s rights and activism.. the dreaded F word.. you know what I’m talking about..


See folks, I am not a feminist.. I am proud of my gender and feel I should have the same rights as men.. but I don’t think men have it that easy either. Men are just as burdened with their gender roles as we women and if we want our roles to change for the better we have to do the same for men..

Don’t get me wrong here. There was a time when women had to be fierce and all beast mode and really shake things up for people to even THINK about change.. That’s how most civil rights situations begin.. But at some point feminism got labeled with bitter angry man hating women.. I’m guilty of instantly generalizing the group as well.. I have seen and met women who are proud to call themselves feminists and don’t embody the man hate…

But still.. the term doesn’t sit well with ME. First of all I hate having any labels… I just feel like you’re set in stone to embody everything that label represents.. or at the very least people don’t give you a chance to show that you DON’T exactly embody everything the label represents..

If I have to label myself.. it’s an Equalist..

I’m really glad that my friend, and new president, is on board with my philosophy.  It’s actually been great. I am an ideas machine and she is the follow through. We seriously couldn’t make a better pair. And since our vision is pretty the same we really have the chance to make things happen! It’s exciting!

We are starting this from the ground up which has required a bit of effort.. we’ve smoozed with the student council.. Kind of even bribed them with food.. They all seem to like the vision we’re promoting with our organization. Apparently the last group running were the hard core stereotypical angry feminists and so our club has a bit of dirty air that we have to clear out. We’ve been promoting it a little bit (but will do so more tomorrow when the all the clubs promote themselves at common hour) I designed the logo above. New emails. Found a really awesome board. New bylaws..

This will be a bit of my legacy that I leave with this college when I eventually move on… I find that exciting!