Five Minute Friday- Worship

Five Minute Friday


With a name like Faith, I’ve always felt I had to have a good sense of spirituality. Growing up, it was primarily the Christian faith. I would go with my baby sitter every Sunday to “Sunday Worship” at various churches. I don’t know why, but she cycled through a lot of churches. For all the churches in my town, we visited them all at least once.

I could never understand why most religions, or rather the practitioners, are so exclusive. Even now, I can’t understand why, if God does exist, he would only prefer one way of worship… I also think it’s pretty insulting to a deity is so supposed to be of such a higher level than us, that we would presume to know what HE or SHE would do or want of us. If we have a creator, who created all the people and all the creatures of this world.. who obviously loves and enjoys the differences each can bring.. turn around and say.. oh.. but there’s only ONE way to worship me..

I think that’s bull..

I think any way to find meaning in this world, is beautiful. I’ve always been fascinated with religions and the way they connect to the divine. I’d never dare presume that one is better than the other… just that one way to worship is better for an individual than others are.


First Day of School


Well, my kids demanded a first day of school photo of myself. Totally rocking the raccoon look…I was burnt to a crisp Sunday!

My son made me breakfast of cereal and reminded me it’s the most important meal of the day. Thanks 🙂

He also gave me some words of wisdom being a veteran at this school gig..

“Try not to get a detention. Remember you need to pick us up from the bus when school starts so try to keep out of trouble ok?”

Wise words!!! Got it!

All in all.. I’ve been hating how so many people want to know how my first day went.. I’m getting a good dose of my own medicine right there…

My first class I got to early. Apparently it’s the thing, since teachers don’t have set classrooms, to keep the doors locked and you have to wait for the teach to rush up with keys.. Knowing this I will never be earlier than 5 minutes again. I had to stand listening to a group of teenage girls giggling.. I am really glad I am no longer in that age bracket…

The class was spent introducing ourselves and mostly for the teacher to evaluate who needed to be broken out of their shell…. I’ve had to look a fool a million times in front of people at the dojo..I was the second person to willingly introduce themselves.. “Hi, I’m Faithie and I’m awesome!” <~ not exactly like that.. but you get the gist…

The way my classes break down, there’s an hour in between each.. Which I know will be great for studying/working on homework or whatever.. but for the first day?! I spent the first one finding student services and being told they’re posting when they’re doing the photos for student ID’s on Wednesday. Since ID’s are an optional thing it’s not on the high priority list. I NEED one to use the fitness center.. So to me, it’s high on my list..

English.. was actually hard..I figured it would be the one I’d love… but I guess it’s hard to love something that gives you a writing prompt straight off the bat to evaluate your writing skills.. ACK! I feel like I did crappy…I dunno why.. but I do :/. My English teacher is seriously the most noteworthy one of them all.

Yes!!! He makes me feel like I’m REALLY in college. We listened to jazz while working…I think it will be a lot of fun engaging him in some debates. A lot of the topics we’ll be discussing I’ll have a leg up on the other students.. uh hello? I’ve lived life just a smidge more than them… One in particular will be about the parents that have kept their kid’s gender a secret. As a parent, conveniently representing both genders I have a LOT to say about this…

Another hour of aimlessly wandering the halls trying to find someplace I want to hole up in.. I read a bit until my next class..

MAth… fortunately it was all coming back to me as she explained a few things… Thank the GODS. I did retain it.. just buried it deep inside where other useless information gets buried.. Lots of homework to “review”.. I did a chunk of it last night.. thankfully she gave us the answers so on the ones I did get wrong I could go back and figure it out…

Honestly, I feel very overwhelmed. Looking at the syllabus of each class, I can see the work that will be involved. I feel like it’s work I don’t HAVE to do.. why am I opting to do this again?! You say I could have just stayed happily behind my desk at work watching Netflix and stitching?!

I just need some time to adjust….

Lizard attacks!


ImageThat my friends is a monitor lizard.. Not indigenous to our CT area. This pic was taken by a member of the community forum that I am affiliated with on July 14th. Since then our little forum has been ablaze with sightings of the infamous “Ledyard Lizard”. T-shirts are in the works…

Sadly the Ledyard Lizard had to be put down. An elderly person called the police stating that an “alligator” was attacking her chickens. Due to previous encounters with people who stated the lizard was a little on the aggressive side, I feel the police and animal control officers did what was best. 

I am absolutely appalled at what non residents, who are hearing of the lizard for the first time are saying:

Here’s only one:

Holly Eve Genovese · Follow

really, really, why does it seem like 90% of all police officers reach for their gun as the first reaction to a danger, (real or imagined.) Chickens have a chicken coop that they could have been isolated in and humans and domestic animals have barns and houses they could be put in until the perceived danger was resolved. Then, Officers, what you would do would be to isolate the danger (or follow it at a safe distance if that was not possible,) contact HUMANE animal control to sedate the animal and bring it to an appropriate location for RELEASE! UGH, please can we start hiring intelligent and humane police and animal control in this state and in this country?
I know a few of these police officers personally. We’re that small of a town. In no way would I think our police officers would just shoot first ask questions later. 
Secondly, Animal Control had been on this for weeks.. Kept everyone informed on location sightings and what to do if it was seen. They had reached out to the community.. and not one “expert” tried to help out.. 
We as a society have developed no respect for law enforcement. Every police officer is crooked. They are only out to give YOU a hard time and always have something better to do that harass the innocent good people in our nation. 
I admit police officers sometimes do STUPID things.. Add some pressure to anyone in a situation and you raise the chances of stupid things happening. They’re trained and conditioned so that they do LESS stupid things.. But they are still human beings, given choices and have to react….
RIP Lizard… 

Captain America

I woke up this morning to a notification that my husband had posted on my facebook timeline.

He’s always posting something stupid to my timeline. Usually something funny related to our shared loved for various geeky outlets…


Let that sink in for a minute while I tell you my love for Jensen Ackles.

Jensen Ackles was my “boyfriend” during deployment. A little piece of man candy to keep me warm on those long cold nights of stitching.

I had it perfectly timed so that I could enjoy a season of Supernatural each month.. When the sub extended I panicked.. I need Jensen Ackles! My mom suggested re-watching the series… Success! I survived deployment and got my mom hooked on the show in the process 😉

Yes…. my geekiness has no limits.

So when they casted Chris Evens as Captain America, you bet I had an opinion:



Because Chris Evans is the Human Torch…..

I can tolerate Ryan Reynolds being both Deadpool and the Green Lantern…


Because one is Marvel and one is DC.

If you know anything about the Marvel universe it is this: It’s exactly that.. a universe. 99% of the characters all exist… TOGETHER. Just in various areas… That’s why it’s possible for all these damn cross overs… Why X-men and Spiderman sometimes join forces. Why Mr. Fantastic and Tony Stark have ego contests but combine to take down Dr. Doom…

Unless Captain America and the Human Torch are long lost twins, born in different eras.. it doesn’t work for me….

And acting wise… Chris Evans was stellar as the Human Torch.

As Captain America… yawn.. I’m glad he had to share the screen with the other Avengers because every time he was on it was a snooze fest…. His “Down to Earth Good American Boy” act instead came off as bland…..

Jensen Ackles.. Well if a boy from Texas can’t pull off “Down to Earth Good American Boy” no one can…

He would have been perfect, and now that I know he was the second choice…I will stew and brood the REST OF THE DAY…

Five Minute Friday- Last

Five Minute Friday
I was training a very dear friends to cover my shift at the hotel and I can’t remember how it came up, but my Uncle mentioned HIM.

My friend asked me who he was. And I mentioned the basic facts: how he ended up running around with the wrong set of people. Crack became his #1 and he eventually stole thousands of dollars from the safe.. He nearly lost his life once when he stabbed IN THE THROAT.

I completely left out that he was my first love. The one that sometimes comes to haunt you in the dead of night.

When I met Tony, I remember walking to work. Not sure what HE was talking about, but I told him that I wouldn’t let him ruin what I had going on. It was the last time he spoke to me.

Often I really need to know how he’s faring. Google helped me out with that. He’s currently in jail.. for trying to break into an ATM and for stealing a prescription pad and writing false prescriptions..

The best thing he did for me was to let go… And I wonder sometimes, when my life is so great and I love my husband beyond measure.. that I think of those last moments with HIM when I broke up. Where  I begged and pleaded for him to quit the drugs.. to just flush it in the trash.. To give me some so my life could be ruined to (not that I expected to do it.. I was just gauging his reaction” And crying in the middle of the night on the curb waiting for my mom to pick me up..

My last day at work



The time has come… 

Today is my last day… Or my last scheduled shift. 

I had the pleasure of sharing at least half of it with my friend R. R was a former student of the dojo we attend. Eventually she parted ways with the dojo but our friendship really cemented during my husband’s deployment. 

I recently hooked her up with a job at our sister hotel, so she was trained in our software. She’s just about the bubbliest person you’d ever meet, even more so than me, so I recommended her to my mom and uncle. She will be over here one day a week to fill the rest of the gap in my wake… I think it’s a good fit and I feel like I’m leaving this place in good hands!

I know I’m not leaving FOREVER, but I am a bit sad about leaving. Today has been a nice quiet day. The summer chaos has ebbed. Only weekends will still be chaotic, and I haven’t worked those in years! These are the good days, the netflix and stitchy days that are made so much cooler because I’m getting paid for it! 

I sat down with my new books and did a thorough looking over of all my books.. except for the math one. I looked at the introduction.. after the first chapter I cringed and closed the book. I think I’m declaring myself too old to be able to do math. They say the older you get, the harder it is for you to master a new language… That algebra looked about as foreign as Japanese would be. Why are there so many LETTERS?! I actually understood the first lesson, so maybe I can swing it. 

First Year Experience? Seriously? The cousin apparently failed it.. I don’t see how that happened… The book for that class feels like one huge journal about my feelings….

“What do you hope to get out of your college experience”

Uh… a degree….


My third class will be English Composition 101. I think this is the one I’m the most thrilled about… I could have read this book through last night.. It’s really engaging and the start of REAL college thinking. Again, calling myself old, but I’m pretty cemented in a lot of my ways of thinking..I think I’m going actively try to play Devil’s Advocate against my own way of thinking… Why not? Anyone can argue any case put before them with enough evidence. Maybe at least once…. 

And I’ve had yet another hiccup with the college… They are having a first year student orientation this evening. I had received an email about having to rsvp before the 15th. Well the first week of August I’m there and I asked about signing up. I was told that you didn’t need to sign up anymore. Just go and you’ll be fine.. So I asked the clerk relieving me if she could come early so I could make it on time….

Call today to see what time the thing starts.. and she informed me that I wasn’t on the list.. 

Well damn because I didn’t sign up..

I’m out of luck.. Whatev… 

I just want my student ID so I can use the fitness center between classes… 

Well.. now I know what I’m going to attempt during my first hour window break…. yay.. 





Building the seeds of kindness.

I have found two very inspirational women to follow on WordPress. In their own way they are making this world a kinder place. You really should check them out: Apartment Wife and Project Light to Life. They have reminded me that my goal in this world is to try to make this world a better place in any small way I can.

Last week as I was coming into work I greeted an older couple as they were walking into the lobby for breakfast. I make a point to greet everyone with a smile, a good morning and geniune concern as I ask about their day. It’s not something my Uncle asks of us, but I find it important and I included it into training new clerks. My reaction back is often hit or miss. You’ve got people that say good morning back and ask how I’m doing myself. You’ve got others that completely ignore me and just walk off into breakfast. MEh

I went about my day which usually consists of facebook and wordpress at this point. …The gentleman from earlier came to my desk to check out. He told me that he was having a rough few days, and he had woken up feeling defeated. Then when he and his wife ran into me and I greeted them and asked them how they were, I made him feel like I really cared. He said I changed his whole day around.

I made his day better..

Seriously, never underestimate the influence you put into this world..With no effort at all I turned around this man, and who knows what effects that had on him and his wife as they continued on their journey?

Small things like that can, and should make you feel good about yourself. I get told a lot by guests or people just calling for rates that I am the most cheerful person around. On numerous occasions I’ve had people tell me that they specifically chose our hotel because I was so friendly over the phone. I’ve had my fair share of calling hotels and being greeted by apathetic clerks that it gives you a bad vibe of the whole place. I always thought of it more as a good business practice, but as I get older I realize it’s just..ME..

After reading the two ladies above I have also come to the realization that my own kids aren’t aware of this.. I’ve told them over and over again.. but they really don’t get it… YET

This is my newest mission: To have my own children see the power they have in the world. And to use that power for greatness!

We started last week at the laundromat. We’ve all been stressed with the lack of water. It’s been a rough week all around.

The laundromat though.. was a blast to the past for me.. We went to the same one my mother and I used to go to. It was chaotic and packed, something I never really saw because my mom used to take me at like 10 in the evening…


The kids, who do very little to particpate in laundry other than to keep producing it, loved watching and identifying what clothes where spinning in the dryer.

With some downtime we grabbed a notebook and wrote a list of things we could do to help others.

We didn’t get far in our list before my son decided to  impliment the first thing on the list.. Here’s what we got to:

1. Introduce yourself. We discussed mainly with kids who feel out of place. We discussed WHY some kids might feel shy or nervous and how important it can be to make them feel welcome

2. Open doors for others. It’s a just a small way to show respect for the people around you.

3. Share. Even gum can be split in half to be shared with someone.. But Miss had to add (rightfully) only if it hasn’t been chewed yet.

By this point my son saw a little boy sitting in the corner looking bored out of his mind. There was another larger family playing nearby and he watched them play wistfully. My son got up, and introduced himself. Then he sat and played with the boy until it was time for him to go. The boy’s grandmother, who said the boy doesn’t get to play with others often, was thrilled that my son had come over to play. She rewarded my son with with candy and soda. It’s not something I usually allow my son to have.. and any other time I would have made him decline. This time, I think it worked out. It was his karmic reward and who am I to stand in the way of that.

His sister, who clearly felt jaded because she didn’t get any soda or candy, pouted in her own corner. He went over and shared his bounty with her.


My kids are destined to change the world, one small kind act at a time 🙂