This is the first Christmas in four years that I wasn’t inundated with finals. December was always such a whirlwind of papers, and projects, and wrapping up last minute events. It was exhausting and made it impossible to get into any Christmas cheer.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have “finals,” but they are pittance compared to back then. Online courses so far have been a complete breeze.. and I get to wear PJ’s!

I miss my old community college like crazy, but honestly sometimes I don’t. I stopped by a few weeks ago, and of all days it was a Student Government Day. I popped into the meeting and apparently scared the whole executive board.

Because I have transcended into legendary status.

No really, word on the street is that they continually debate about how I would handle things and try to emulate me when needed. (None of them dared tell me this, this was told to me by the advisor and one of the staff lol). How cool is that?!

They all think I went off to be some bad ass somewhere in the wilds.. but truthfully, I stay at home and clean.  I plan my day out by the hour still, but it’s filled with things like “coffee time” and “snuggle and read with the kids.”

I could watch The West Wing for 6 hours straight if I wanted to and have zero consequences to deal with. I could even NAP!  <~ I don’t but knowing I could is AWESOME!

And it’s Christmastime! My favorite time of the year is upon us and I can appreciate it! I can actually go shopping out in stores and play with the little gadgets and walls of decorations! I can listen to Christmas songs for more than a ride to and from school. I can watch movies with the kids while stitching up holiday themed pieces.


So like the cross-stitch states, I am going to rejoice in this holiday season!




Exciting news!


Do you know the man I have been married to for almost twelve years (…. wait I need to let it sink in for a minute that we’ve married for that long before I continue…… whew!) hasn’t lived with me in over a year and a half.

Technically 19 months, but who is counting……

The time we’ve lived apart is an official toddler..

Sure he comes down every chance he gets but it’s only ever a day and a half, if we’re lucky 2. It’s like a psychological whiplash that is on repeat.. He’s coming home!!  Wait he’s gone again…Was he even here at all or is my mind playing tricks on me?

I’ve caught him calling up there HOME.. that deserting jerk..

But then he redeems himself by driving 6 hours just to spend an hour fixing a leak. Or driving that same amount of time just to see us for a few hours..

All this is coming an end!

This is the month I get my husband back for good!

I will get to live with my husband again..