Exciting news!


Do you know the man I have been married to for almost twelve years (…. wait I need to let it sink in for a minute that we’ve married for that long before I continue…… whew!) hasn’t lived with me in over a year and a half.

Technically 19 months, but who is counting……

The time we’ve lived apart is an official toddler..

Sure he comes down every chance he gets but it’s only ever a day and a half, if we’re lucky 2. It’s like a psychological whiplash that is on repeat.. He’s coming home!!  Wait he’s gone again…Was he even here at all or is my mind playing tricks on me?

I’ve caught him calling up there HOME.. that deserting jerk..

But then he redeems himself by driving 6 hours just to spend an hour fixing a leak. Or driving that same amount of time just to see us for a few hours..

All this is coming an end!

This is the month I get my husband back for good!

I will get to live with my husband again..




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