The Return of the Lilies




When life is testing you, and pushing you to your limits… remember:Image


My garden has been seriously neglected this year. It probably wasn’t HGTV worthy.. but it was my garden and it was my communion with nature and all that.

Now I’m working 6 nights a week and what time I have during the day is taking care of the house, my mother and children and whatever obligations I’ve signed myself up for… It’s been exhausting.

I seriously want to break and just throw in the towel….

But what keeps me going…still is my garden.

It’s like the Charley Brown Christmas tree of gardens right now, mostly dried up dirt.


Yet look at my lilies! Last year I broke up the insane amount of bunches that they had huddled in and ended up with almost twice as many more this year. In all I ended up having 112 bulbs that in the past week bloomed. The timing couldn’t have been more needed.



This was a reminder to myself that no matter how bleak situations feel, beauty will always triumph if you allow it. I may want to break down and give up.. but the beauty of my character will keep me strong if I continue to focus on the positive.


I snipped some and have them in the window so they can be a reminder to my strength. Soon I will need to battle the epic dish pile waiting to be hand washed since our dishwasher decided to break. (See this month is cursed!)



These lilies never last long, so I’m trying to make the best of enjoying them while I can!



1000 baby!



Today is a day to celebrate!

Woah! It took a little over a year, but NinjasInStitches has 1000 followers! That is super impressive in my book! I am elated!!!!!!!

Thank you all for your loyal support of me rambling like a madwoman!


In other news, I am ready for June to be over. It will forever now be named the cursed month of family DOOM.

First, my son developed a rash on his face that no one is quite sure where it came from. He was put on steroids which made him as moody as a teenager. <~ But I was out of town for the initial part of that fun!

We had a bonfire night at my house, where my husband had to save one of my friends from falling into the fire…. only he ended up stepping in it and getting 2nd degree burns. He was in pain, life sucked for awhile but he got of work for a week and half so he chalks it up as a you give a little to get a little.

My mom has been shirking going to the doctor for weeks now.. I’m pretty sure my Aunt Debbie threatened to fly down and drag her by the ear if she didn’t go on her own. She’s been in the hospital for 7 days and just got released.

As a result I’ve been working night shift after night shift after night shift as there’s no one available to work them.. But it’s kind of a you give some to get some deal of my own. I was able to sit and stitch for the first time in 2 months and have absolute peace and quiet.

Picture from

Oh Drop Dead Diva.. you have been my therapy as I go through this horrid week. It’s the one thing I look forward when I come and get tons of overtime and lack of sleep.



August 22nd 2013 I had left the hotel to pursue a college career.

This week  I officially rejoined the hotel work force.

Maaaan… You can’t get away from this place for too long. I used to kid about that. How my Uncle would never let me leave.. I worry sometimes the truth to that statement. I’ve been here here twelve years. TWELVE YEARS! Longer than I’ve been out of high school, I’ve been associated with this place. I dunno how long I plan on staying, as there was some contention between my mom and uncle (and therefore myself) about if I would get days or nights. I decided to work nights for now because during the summer I can spend the days with my kids. Then when summer ends I’ll either go to days or just bounce… Keep my options open and whatnot 😉

One thing: people haven’t changed!

“I know I shouldn’t ask this since you work there and all, but is your hotel clean?” I’m in sales dude.. what do you think I’m really going to say?! My job is to make this place sound better than even your own home! Actually I always tell the truth. Check our reviews online, words from previous guests will always speak louder than what I say because you already assume my opinion is going to be bias… This is also in relation to asking me about crime in our area, pricing due to location, and if I know what the weather is going to be like during your stay six weeks from now…  

I no longer have the ability to play my clueless former clerk entity. I used to play this naive girl who is sweet and sociable, but has no control over anything.. You don’t yell at the sweet girl at the desk who has no control over anything right? <~ Well sweet naive Faithie passed away during my first year of college to be replaced with Hotel Faithie 2.0. According to our night auditor I now use big fancy words that confuse our guests. (one day I hope to sound as educated as the graduate girls from the conference I went too) My mom laughed when a guy asked for a razor and I gave him a white one that had a yellow tip. He started to hand it back and asked for one for a woman. I apparently gave him an “are you stupid?” look and informed him that it was a gender neutral razor. He paused for a second, unsure of what I was saying so I had to inform him that it meant that both males and females can use the razor….I’m not even gunna add a snarky comment here…

So to sum up my summer work plans:

Non Traditional Students and Worlds Colliding.

I found the word that described my college experience while away at the conference last weekend (which was awesome) I am a non traditional college student! What what means? I dunno exactly, but it’s certainly how I felt this weekend. For one, I am old. Not OLD OLD, but not crazy in my youth either. I’m a mother, who doesn’t get the freedom to just think about me for long periods of time. A lot of the actions I make or opportunities that I can obtain are largely centered around my two minions. I’m content with that notion. After all, it reminds me that my world does not revolve around myself.

Nor should it.

Could you imagine if the world revolved around me? It would be complete chaos! Random flash dance mobs in supermarkets and the right to stamp “unbreedable” on the majority of the population.


Anyway, as a result I found myself unable to relate to a lot of the other young women at the conference because let’s face it… They are all doe eyed and dreamy and I’m like “damn you people for not having a readily supply of coffee for me” It was awkward just being from a community college too. Most were from graduate schools and talked straight out of a professor’s coursebook. And the only thing I’m doing is signing “Happy” by Pharell Williams as I walk around the campus. I guess I’m just not a professional type of person. If you have a song in your head sing it!

For the record, I do consider myself a very smart person. I’ve posted my grades. I am pretty awesome!  These young women seriously made me feel like I should have been reading the dictionary on the 7 hour drive down. Partner that with the fact that everyone had a 5 year plan. For instance: Girls: “Oh what are you majoring in?” Me: “Um awesomeness?” Sorry ladies. But I’m a by the semester type gal right now. I have no idea what I’m having for dinner most nights let alone have my entire life planned out for me. I don’t have that Type A needs everything to be wrapped up and organized. I thrive on things being MESSY.

Another factor was that I was married. Have been since most of these ladies were in elementary school. There were a handful of older women at this convention but all the ones I spoke to were divorced. Apparently that made me unable to relate to these women at times either.. Seriously, the second it got mentioned I was married and they were divorced it was like a wall was erected between us. WTF?! I can be firm in my independance and lack of needing a man too. <~ I’ve been doing that as a submariner’s wife from day one! I come with certificates from various captains thanking me for my awesomeness as being such a strong and independant woman…

And I couldn’t even fit in with the other mom’s. There was one workshop called “A Balancing Act:  Supporting Student Parents” I was excited. This workship SCREAMED me. Unfortunately it did not scream to most of the women. (although that’s not surprising). They had four women student speakers talking about the work they did to promote child care ability to those in community colleges. Three of the four women were older and parents ANd at community colleges. <~ Yay! Those at the workshop were mostly younger. They all had children in high school which were now toddlers and whatnot back at home. I wanted to be like “You go girl! You are awesome”…. except I pretty much was ignored. There were two older women who downright looked miserable. Wanted nothing to do with anyone. I will say that person in charge of the workshop was REALLY awesome..

So in all the hats that make uniquely me.. none really fit at all this weekend…..


This post was in relations to the Daily Post’s Prompt on World’s Colliding which can be found here

I’m running away!

I even hired some college friend goons, and an organization to fund my three day kidnapping.

Seriously though. As part of the club I help run on the college campus I was offered an all expense paid trip to a Women’s Leadership Conference. <~ I was raised to never refuse a generous gift like that!

This is the longest I have been away from my kiddos. The last time I went away was with the hubby 4 years ago. And we only stayed away for 2 nights.

My kids seem to be taking it well. My daughter asked who would wake her up for school. My son asked who was making him lunch. I gave my daughter an alarm clock and told my son to make his own bloody lunches for 2 days. Both are happy. This also proves that as the mommy in the house, I am becoming pretty obsolete.

My husband, ya know the one that averages 200 days away from home a year, is having more trouble adjusting to my absence. He wanted to know who I was going with, where we were staying, and everything we would be doing (plus how much was coming out of his pocket). I think he thinks I’m secretly going to our nations capital to reenact a girl’s gone wild video…

Anyways…. If I’m smart I’ll document some of my experiences as some REALLY awesome women are making appearances at this conference.

Have an awesome weekend! 😉

Happy Blogversary To Me!!!

This is a day to celebrate! A year ago today I brought to life this impressive piece of a blog you see before you!

In that time I have gained 943 followers, the most awesome bunch of readers that could be found on WordPress! You all have inspired me to keep writing the nonsense that I do!!! Thank you so much for your support!

Even more news is to be shared.

I AM A BLACK BELT!!!!!!!!! That’s right!!!! My dojo finally stopped dangling that black belt with my name on it and finally gave it me!!!!!


So how does it feel? It feels fantastic!

Nah I’m kidding.. nothing AT ALL has changed.. I’m still the trouble making instigator that I was before hand! 😉

Here’s to many more wonderful years on this blog!