The Frame Isn’t Finished but Starry Night Is!!!!


I’ve been finished with Starry Night since the end of August… but other than a few people who have stopped by my house, I haven’t really shared the news with anyone. Looking back on that now I find that a bit odd since this is by far my biggest accomplishment as a stitcher.

I decided to do Starry Night as a request by my husband. As a tribute of my love  I agreed ;).

A little run down on this design… Vincent  Van Gogh’s Starry night is pretty popular in the stitchy world. You can find designs generated by a lot of designers out there..My husband saw it advertised on the back of a cross stitch magazine and that’s where he got the idea for me to stitch it for him..

I ended up being very picky and not liking any of the designs I found out there. After being run through computer generated software it would end up looking pixelated or too dark. This is Vincent Van Gogh people! Have some respect for the man and his beautiful work!

So I created my own pattern off of his image, Lightened it a bit so that the colors would stay lighter than the designs I saw. And I made it as big as the image needed to keep the design looking as true to Van Gogh’s as possible.

My Starry Night weighs in at a whopping 33×26.33 inches. 594×474 stiches producing  281,556 stitches total.

I’m going to pause for a moment to let it sink in that this design is a little over a quarter of a million stitches……..


The design was broken down into pages, as shown in this photo:


35 pages total albiet not all were complete pages around the edging..

Each page felt like a drop in the bucket:


(the very first page completed)

This had over 90 colors in it..and got pretty confetti heavy in those stars… but worth every bit of random color changes….

Some close ups:



Suffice to say I feel pretty accomplished in this project! I wonder how I’ll top it 😉


12 thoughts on “The Frame Isn’t Finished but Starry Night Is!!!!

  1. Oh my goodness! What an achievement! That shows love and dedication right there! I am still building up momentum to start a 4 page design for my mum for her 50th next year…I think I need to get a move on! This looks amazing, I hope your husband thoroughly appreciated all of your hard work!

      1. I have found a lovely Barcelona design. We went there on a family holiday and I’m sure she will like it 🙂 Haha I live at home right now thought which means the mystery project can only be stitched at my boyfriend’s house! I’m only there two evenings a week at the moment! I will have to get cracking now to be in with any chance of finishing it!

  2. WOW!!! This is simply gorgeous!!! Is there a possibility of maybe being able to obtain the pattern? This is amazing, and I would LOVE to be able to do one myself!!! Great job, very, very wonderful! This piece shows that cross stitching truly is an art!

  3. Oh God! I’ve just finished Michelangelo’s The Creation, and would looooove to have this pattern. Let me know. Thanks!!!

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