If My Life Was a Reality Series

DSC08441bw (2)

I feel as if camera men have been secretly watching my every move, because there is no way in hell that all the crap I’ve had to endure this past month is a natural state of events. Seriously, all the drama, action, and comedy that has been my life is made for TV. Here  is what the episode lineup would have looked like had it been aired. (Sadly, it was cancelled due to lack of interest)

Episode One: Pilot Episide

Faithie (played by self) must endure her last and final deployment as a navy wife. Can she survive as homeowner, college student, and mother to two crazy kids for who knows how long?

Episode Two: Birthday Seizures

Z is 10 and newly made made man of the house while his father is away. Can Faith make a fantastic celebration without the help of hubby, or will the party be spoiled by a trip to the ER? (Spoiler Alert… Z-man has a seizure that leaves us in the ER for hours the day after his birthday. plenty of follow up doctor visits to occur in other episodes..)

Episode 3: Strokes for the No Longer Broke

In this episode, Faith gets startling news about her estranged Father. Will she be able to handle this news and his his ailing health? (Spoiler)

Episode 4: The Support Network

Faithie attempts to unite with the woman whose husbands are also away. Does she find a bestie, or end up finding a nemesis? (spoiler: neither)

Episode 5: Faithie the Governess

Faithie is barely getting by with her strenous coursework and role as tutor, but the student government doesn’t see it.  Will Faith make a play for a student government position? (Spoilers.. I did)

Episode 6: The Curse of the Sea Captain

What is going on with all the appliances in the A family household?! The sink, dishwasher, two lawnmowers, and water filters all seem to be against Faithie. Is she really that incapable of taking care of her home without her husband, or is the sea captain buried in her back yard out to punish her? (spoilers: I just really am incapable lol)

Episode 7: Miscommunication

Mr. A  reaches a port. Amid drastic time changes and shakey internet connections, Faithie tries to spend at least 10 minutes talking to her deployed sailor.  While Mr. A is concerned about showing off his epic stache, Fathie has other concerns to discuss. (spoiler: his biological mom ended up nearly dying and requiring lots of surgery)

Episide 8:

Finals! The spring season is wrapping up and that means chaos for Faithie and the kids she tutors. And once the chaos dies down, does Faith get the break she’s been dreaming of? (the answer is nope)..

Episode 9: This is the End

The advancement list comes out, and it is the final chance for Mr. A to stay in the Navy. Watch Faithie have to celebrate the advancement of other sailors, all while mourning the fact that hers didn’t make it.