Five Minute Friday: Dreams

When my husband is away, I have these insanely vivid dreams. I actually remember the first one. I was in a bed with a long haired hippie man. I can’t remember his name but he was the love of my life. And he was leaving for war. He never came back. The loss of him was so devastating, I felt it all throughout the day. I literally mourned for a fake love that had died.

Each time he leaves, I dream fall in love with someone and for one reason or another my love gets ripped away from me and I am left with a gut wrenching loss.

There’s another set of dreams that include my husband. In them he’s always cheating on me and I end the entire marriage. The result is another set of heartache that again lasts all freaking day.

This deployment is different. I haven’t had any of these dreams. I can’t really tell if that’s a good thing or not…….



Halo Soldier’s Road Trip

Recently I had the opportunity to take an amazing trip to Washington D.C for a conference…

I’m going to let you all in on a secret…

I have been able to fool a great deal of those at my college in assuming I am a college woman leader…

My son, however, has to live with me on a daily basis and knows better. As such, I was required to bring along supervision…


Meet Yellow Halo soldier. Trained in espionage and infiltration, and apparently babysitting. He was to keep me out of trouble while I was kidless..

But who was supervising who?!


Do you see this? I turned around for one second and Halo Soldier was attempting to break into one of the most important establishments……….


That’s right..He tried to break into the white house.

Halo Soldier really wanted to meet Michelle Obama


What on earth is this?!!!! I found him playing with it and talking to himself like a madman.. He insisted it was a telephone… I have my doubts…..

IMG_20150527_065547726 IMG_20150530_092942671IMG_20150529_211604948

He ate an insane amount of food (and cofee… yeesh!)  And expected me to foot the bill:



He also had a huge gambling habit that I was unaware of…

It was  a pain trying to get him up each morning:


There were a few moments where he did come in handy:


His navigation skills were on point…

As well as his mastery of the Metro system



He was offered a job at Metro, but declined.


He was also very conscienscious when it came to the environment.


He made me some coffee from time to time..


IMG_0103 IMG_0128 IMG_20150527_171739876


I suppose it wasn’t so bad to have the little guy around.