Protesting Shoulders

Back in July my arm staged a protest..

I had spent the day at the mall with my daughter letting her birthday shop.. and my shoulder just couldn’t take the pressure of her insane need to consume clip on earrings and leggings..

At first it felt like I had pinched something, but then it evolved throughout the night to be a throbbing pain and an inability to move it more than a few inches..

I had to wait a WEEK in this state before I was even seen by a doctor.

I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t drive…. And with my husband being stuck in New Hampshire (and likely thinking I was just being dramatic),  I was largely dependent on the goodwill of my kids to take care of me and the house.. My kids rose up to the challenge and were amazing caretakers. It was through them and a never ending supply of ramen noodles that we made it through the summer.

I was prescribed some anti inflammatory medication, muscle relaxers and sent to Physical Therapy. Muscle relaxers and lack of sleep made August nothing but a blur.

Now all that is behind me!

I am almost released from the three months of not being able to train at the dojo! My physical therapists say my shoulder is stronger than ever and they want to see if going back to thai could impair my progress..

I thought I’d be excited to go back.. but really.. I feel a bit irritated. I don’t want to go nights because it’s too late.. We wouldn’t get home until 7:30 at night. On a school night that’s just annoying. With bedtime at 8:30 we’d have less than hour to make dinner or at the very least eat it, shower and then bed. I am strict about them reading from 7-8 and thai runs into my not so peaceful hour of reading in bed. Although, this would only be twice a week and the kids love being at the dojo. This is their preferred time.

I don’t want to go mornings because it’s too far…. A 45 minute class becomes almost 2 hours due to travel and stretching.. I could run on the treadmill, shower, and be filled with two cups of caffeine in that time.. It doesn’t feel efficient at all. Despite that, it’s now when my “thai mammas” train so it would get me out of the house and socializing more.

I’ve become a bit of a hermit.. The only adult I speak to some days is my mom… when you’re 32 that’s just weird.




One thought on “Protesting Shoulders

  1. At least you’ve got your mom? I’m 32 and sitting here talking to the dog most days… I tried to branch out a bit and get to know a few of my neighbors, but most are either younger and cool with me when they think I’m younger than I am and then…not so much. (Maybe I’m imaging it, but there seems to be a growing distance as soon as my age comes up…) Or they’re around my age, but have lived here forever, already have a friend group, and work and their own kids to keep up with.

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