Starry Night

Unfortunately this project is so big that it never seems to do it proper justice when I take a complete photo of it. Image

If you look at all the major cross stitch design companies they all seem to have their own versions of Starry Night. I was too picky. Either the stitched resolution looked off, or it wasn’t as big as my husband wanted it to be.

I dared to play a bit with Van Gogh’s beautiful piece of artwork. I lightened it so the true colors would come alive like in the original painting. I made it pretty large: 33×36 inches.

I have been working on this design for roughly 3 years.

This is by far my biggest project ever.


Summer is here!


It’s going to be really hard to top this as my favorite summer pic. Good thing I have the entire summer to try.

Yesterday kicked off summer in our household! No more second grade! No more going to the bus stop to be ignored by my old neighbor who thinks I’m the plague or something. It’s dirty toes and wild adventures! Concerts in the parks, speedbowls, camping trips and lots and lots of ice cream from the little farm down the road.. 

Can you tell I LOVEEEEEEEEE summer????

Yesterday the kids and I enjoyed some grilling at the dojo. Laid outside talking to my Kyoshi for a bit. It’s every bit feeling like my kids have another grandfather in their lives and who couldn’t use some extra patriarchal love? Then we headed off to the first concert in the park, where my daughter boogied on the basketball courts with a bunch of girls. My son was testing his new found freedom to go a little farther than I used to let him. I curbed the woman inside who freaked out at letting him so far. He was still in sight. He ended up taking his shoes off at some point and slicing his toe open. Then he said he had a headache so we left earlier than expected. Only for him to vomit at home. So we snuggled and watched  a movie before I realized it was 10:30! My daughter had put herself to bed before then. My son wanted to stay up as late as possible so I let him lounge on the couch while I went to bed. He crawled into bed maybe 15 minutes later. 

I think all in all it was still a successful first day of summer! 



One out of every two…

My husband and I have been very dear friends with another couple for longer than we’ve been together ourselves. My husband and the male friend were stationed on the same sub. Fresh NUBS bonded together stronger than marriage it feels lol. The woman and I kind of knew each other through her family. We had passed each other often but never were really introduced until the day I met my husband. 

We started dating our respective counterparts at the same time..Lived a few doors down from each other before each of us married and had kids. Deployments shared made the wife and I to the kin of sisters. We “adopted in” so to speak two other families, one who the Navy took away. The other we’re still close with.  

Once we left the sub, career wise the men went different ways. Us women stayed strong, making sure to see each other as often as we could. Our children have been growing up together. And for 8 years from the start of the oldest’ life that’s rare in the military community. 

It’s been a blessing having these women in my life. They are the only two I can really express with when it comes to my life. They’ve been there supporting me and living most of the hardships with me. 

My friend’s husband has been living overseas for five some years. She’s been living here.. Five years is a good chunk of time. They’ve decided to separate. I feel caught in the middle of a tornado, talking to the one overseas and the one here and doing my best to play Switzerland. The husband is back in town for a bit. My husband has been spending some time with him. The husband really needs it because despite what my friend says.. the decision to separate is not mutual. She’s asked me talk to him, to make sure he’s taken care of because she can’t. Ack..That’s a lot of responsibility..

Then, selfishly, I get really worried about how this will effect our group… Can we all still be the unit we were. At least for the kids sake? Can we still invite both to events? I feel my friend already pulling away. So what, in the division he gets us just because the hubbies are best friends? That’s bull! 

On another selfish note. It has put a new perspective on my relationship with my husband. We are by no means a golden couple. If you caught my rant awhile back you’d see we have our fair share of issues. We’re not ready to throw in the towel yet, and in fact my husband has been make efforts daily to work on these issues. I keep wondering what circumstances lead each couple to have different results. Why did we work out when they didn’t? I could go further in detail on why I feel that is, but I already feel guilty about putting enough of their business on the internet. 

I want to make things better but it’s not like I am in any position to do so.. This is the first marriage that mine has outlived.. We all know it happens..Doesn’t make the pill any easier to swallow 


Life, (or probably interest) has kept me away from focusing on the garden. Luckily it hasn’t seemed to needed much TLC other than the occasional lily beetle plucking.

ImageI know it’s not HGTV worthy.. but I am mighty darn proud of how this is turning out this year.,.. I’ve got BIG plans for next year, which involve turning the breezeway into my very own greenhousish place…


Two of the lilies bloomed!


I was daring and even cleaned out one of the garden areas:





Meh It NEEDS something..So expect a round 2 photo soon!

Devil’s Hopyard



For Father’s Day my family and I went to Devil’s Hopyard. I haven’t been since my sophomore year of high school. My husband has never been and his dad really wanted to go so it seemed the best place to celebrate Father’s Day. 

From Go New : 

While it’s a matter of debate how Devil’s Hopyard State Park obtained its rather unusual name, the most colorful story directly involves Chapman Falls. According to stories that likely originated with early Connecticut settlers, the “potholes” at the base of the falls were created by the devil when he accidentally dipped his tail in the water. Outraged, the devil hopped all about, leaving indentations with his fiery hooves. We know today, of course, that the potholes actually have a geological explanation. They were formed in places where trapped rocks spun with the current, wearing depressions in the rock.


ImageMy daughter posing with her feet in one of the smaller potholes. 





The waterfall is impressive to say the least.. 



We also hiked some of the trails. My kids are super troopers. The trail we took was mostly at an incline and we passed many people who weren’t as equipped to endure the hike. 





This had been painted on the bridge that leads to the trails:

“Here you find yourself”




It was a good day 🙂



This weekend we celebrated my cat’s 18th birthday.18


This weekend we celebrated my cat’s 18th birthday.

18 long years.

When my dog, Scottie, passed on, my mom did what is common in the usual throw away society.. It’s just a pet dear.. look there’s tons to choose from! She took me to the movies, and then the pet store nearby. I had my heart set on a chinchilla, but since my mom had no idea what they are, and they look every bit the rodent, my mom and I settled on a little mewling tortoiseshell kitten. I named her Precious.

Precious was my first cat. She was quiet and just kind of sat there.. My mom realized someone was wrong with the kitten and we took her to the vet after only having her less than 2 days. Precious never made it back from the vet. Her and her little mates had all inherited a genetic disease and they all had died within a week of being sold.

I lost two pets in the span of a week.. I was heartbroken.

The pet store let us pick out a new kitten of our choice. By that time there were three separate litters that had been dropped off and I had first choice of them all. I didn’t really look at any but another tortoiseshell. But with 5 of them to be chosen I had no idea which one I REALLY picked. We went to lunch while their vet checked out the litters. When I came back the attendant asked me which tortoiseshell I had picked…. Um…. She lifted a few up, then reached for one who seemed like the world had pissed her off. She was such the opposite of Precious. She was fiesty, and loud! I loved her.

I named her Miss Ellen after the attendant that was so nice… apparently.. I really don’t remember a thing about her…

And if you can believe she almost didn’t make it either.. She came home so flea infested that she became anemic and had to spend a few day at the vet (on the pet shop’s dime)

When she did get home she wasn’t very playful, but ate a lot and was active.

Miss Ellen would let no one but me pet her. She hissed at anyone and anything that came within striking distance. Where ever I would sit she would soon lay next to me.

I grew up with her almost always at my side.

She hated my husband, and if she wasn’t so old she probably still would lol. She dominated our bed and would attack him in the middle of the night on occasion. When he was out to sea she would sprawl on his side of  the bed, often rubbing all over it as if trying to lay claim.

By the time I had my first son she was 9 years old. I worried constantly about how Miss Ellen would fare with him.

She loved on my son like she loved on me. She would lay near him and if someone she didn’t know would go near him, she’d hiss and howl. I even got lectured by a “Birth to 3” instructor that I was horrible for even letting my son sleep in a room with the cat was in..My cat is going to smother him since he smells like milk.. I tried pointing out my son was formula fed but apparently that doesn’t matter.. last appointment I ever had with that lady…

Miss Ellen let my son manhandle her.. Carry her around like a rag doll with no complaint. Even I didn’t get that privilege.

We eventually moved into our house that we live in now. Miss Ellen has lost her sight over the years. She stays in my room and only comes out to get some water and to see what scraps the kids are willing to give her at dinner time..

She has learned to tolerate my husband who now seems to be getting his comeuppance. He carries her around and reminds her of the days when she was big bad meanie.. but always gives her some sort of treat for the ordeal.

She waits patiently for me to come to bed and with a loud vibrant purr she gets what 5-10 minutes of attention I’m capable of giving before passing out. I feel guilty, but even then I’m usually so exhausted throughout my day that I get angry that I “just can’t go to bed” Then I remember that my time with Ellen is running out. And as she has been my personal confidant in my teen years I bite my lip.. apologize and give her the 5-10 minutes she’s asking for.

Now she’s 18.. Can’t hold her bowels so she’s peeing all over my floor. Which without complaint (but a lot from my husband) I clean up often. Although she’s blind and deaf she can navigate where she wants to go with little issue. The fighting spirit she had as a kitten is still alive to this day..

I am not niave. I know that this will probably the last birthday she gets to celebrate. It feels like when she does pass away, I will have no live link to my childhood anymore.