Happy Almost New Year!!


I’m not even ashamed.. I am all partied out folks… Every week of November and December has felt like I’m reliving my days of being 21…I’m too old for a revisit to that time span… Not that I don’t enjoy being considered one of the cool kids that everyone wants to hang out with… ¬†ūüėČ

I used to never put too much stock into New Year Resolutions. I get the idealism behind it.. but the realist in me sees how little people actually keep to them.. It is tradition at our dojo, to set goals for ourselves. Then we do our best to help keep each other accountable towards those ¬†goals. If I had any forethought I would have taken a picture of our goal board at the dojo. People put their goal up and they would mark their progress… It was good to see people progressing and it did kind of help keep focused when others would be moving along and you had kind of forgotten what you put up on the board.

For those curious: I put that I wanted to run in a 5K… did I? NOPE! Not that I didn’t run plenty of 5K distances. The timing of 5K events that everyone was doing sucked for me this year. It always seemed to revolve around the hubby’s schedule to watch the kids and it always never worked out :/.. <~ or maybe I didn’t plan well enough and shouldn’t have relied on my husband to be around to watch the kids…

So here’s what my resolutions will be this year.

Health/Fitness Wise:

My conditioning is going to naturally increase as I continue to do my candidacy training.. ¬†I COULD list all the things required of me to improve on but since it’s going to have to happen it doesn’t feel like that’s an honest resolution. I think my goal this year will be to make the dojo more of a priority and stop using other less important things as excuses. It’s easy to say “Oh yeah Jane I’ll go have coffee with you Tuesday morning because it’s my only morning “free” even though that’s when I’m supposed to be in Thai..” ¬†Or skipping Krav at night because my husband, who said he would go with me, is passed put on the couch and won’t budge.

What WILL happen: ¬†I will see 128 on the scale. It’s been my goal for some time but I’m committed to making it happen this year… This has been delayed somewhat by school stress eating and being lazy the past few weeks

Career wise:

I suppose my career right now is college.. My goal is to make Thi Beta Kappa…. Keep up the good grades and after this semester see about getting a tutoring position at the center. These goals were already cemented waaay before the New Years so they’re not really Resolutions… I think that’s already a tall order so I’m not adding to it..


Relationships: I think keeping with my stay away from negative people resolution is working well for me! Thinking about it though…I’ve got a few people on facebook that need hiding..

Finances: Save more ¬†and indulge less has always been a good motto to live by around here…. I do have my faults and that is birthdays and Christmas…. I’m not gunna lie… I spent way more than I should have this Christmas…. but I think it was worth it…


Stitchy Goals: To help with the above I am going to ONLY give handmade gifts this year. Excluding kids, I’ll still make the kids in our lives something in addition to a small gift. This will require a more structured stitchy agenda. This is honestly my one true resolution this year…so ¬†if anyone wants to nudge me every so often and keep me in check with any of these … this ¬†is the one to ensure my success with..especially as the school semester has me stressed beyond belief.




2014 is going to be a great year for me! What are you all planning to help make 2014 a great year?


Awesome Job!

I got my final paper in English back in the mail..


Anyone that knows this blogger knows that Awesome is how I describe myself. I’m so psyched that I was able to project that portion of myself to my professor!


The downside to this… I feel like I got homework……




Merry Christmas!

I was feeling this e card hardcore on our Christmas Eve which was Monday night.

Clean clean clean, buy buy buy, wrap wrap wrap, clean clean, buy buy, wrap wrap, take care of children..

All meanwhile hubby was sleeping all day on the couch…

Seems fair….

Our Christmas morning (yesterday) consisted of hubby trying to get some early morning lovin (so not only was I left to handle everything the day/night before.. I was woken up early.. suffice to say.. I was in no mood for love)

Then I had to orchestrate all the handing out of gifts, take photos and videos …

IMG_20131224_074250_973 IMG_20131224_080220_046 IMG_20131224_080232_874IMG_20131225_133015_210

And then make a huge breakfast which was my mother’s request since she had the day off and usually works every Christmas…

It was such a hit I was told it was now expected every year….. *twitch*

Two loads of dishes, more trying to clean and set up all the kids toys, laundry and then making ¬†a dinner so big it made the breakfast earlier feel like a snack…. Every second I sat down there was one of the four in my care needing or wanting something.. I think I did get maybe 20 minutes to play a game my hubby had bought me for our new Wii U.. but then the son took over and it’s clearly his now… which I saw coming the second hubby gave it to me (unwrapped lol)

Then we had company over which meant another late night of entertaining…..

I’m beat.. and my Christmas was a whirlwind that I honestly feel like I missed out on…


Now today is the world’s Christmas and it’s been nice to just sit back.. let the over piling sink of dishes (I give up dishes.. ) and just relax while pigging out on enough left overs to feed us until tomorrow. ¬†Hubby’s dad and girlfriend said they planned on coming over and seriously.. I give up.. come.. and if you really want to give me a gift this year.. do some dishes.. pick up all the random miniscule legos that my son is trying to convince me they gave in those legos boxes but he doesn’t need. Find the boot to one of my daughter’s dolls that the couch ate and could very well may never been seen again.

Seriously though.. Merry Christmas and I hope for all my readers that it is a wonderful day of celebrating with your family and enjoying the world around you and the blessings you’ve received all year long.


No White Christmas for us :/


What little snow we had has been washed away by a mucky rain the past few days. The earth is a muddy mess (which is probably why neighbor’s dog got loose) and I can’t help but feel bummed that all the snow I endured the past week is gone…

So to¬†get in the Christmas spirit I thought I’d share a pic from the last snow day :





Lack of Neighborly Interactions

For the previous details of this situation check out our “Lack of Neighborly Interactions”

Our neighbor’s dog has been on our property at least twice since that incident. One I did catch the dog and brought it over… a day after¬†I had posted regarding the situation.

Last night, while my family was at my husband’s family holiday party, my mom heard a pounding on the door.

She opens it to the neighbor guy. My mom had never met him before. But from the way he pounded on the door and was huffing, she could tell he was angry about something.

Before she could even say a word he “informed” her that he was looking for his dog.

My mom responded with “And you are?”

Apparently, when a big angry man knocks on your door, and tells you why he’s here but not who he is.. it’s rude to ask him who he is.

He ignored her and said he wanted to speak to the “man of the house.”

My mom, getting riled up herself, told him that he should come back later because my husband was not home.

He then went on to say he knows my husband hates his dog and he just wants it known that he finds it super suspicious that when he came home today his dog, lead chain and all, was missing.

My mom told him he needs to check himself because the dog was just on that line barking as usual at least half an hour ago when she had got home from work. My husband had been gone all day so he needs to watch who he’s accusing of what. Then she slammed the door in his face.

My mom is a blunt and to the point lady… but this situation shook her up.

So here’s my situation.. This man has TWICE come on our property with ill conceived notions of starting altercations with my husband. I’ve never had to deal with a douchebag neighbor before, but every fiber in my body wants to go over there and slap him and tell him if he steps on my property again his cop hating dog will have a field day.

I¬†can’t just ignore it which does feel like the bigger person path to take. I don’t want this guy coming on our property making my mother feel uncomfortable being alone in¬†our house. And with my husband’s job of being continually away I feel there is a need to ensure our safety..

He hasn’t done enough to get a restraining order.. but is it legal for me to have our lawyer send him a letter saying he’s unwelcome on our property and if he needs to contact us to go directly through her? I’m going to get in contact with her tomorrow and she what she says of the situation.



So after waitng what felt like FOREVER (or a week if you don’t like dramatics) My final grades were posted…

All A’s… ¬†Yeah baby!!!

It feels REALLY good to have concrete validation for all the hard work I put into my classes these past few weeks. 

Here’s hoping next semester goes as well. I’m kind of feeling a bit daring and thinking of adding a 4th class to my load.. but I was completely overwhelmed with the 3 classes last semester. Why would I assume a 4th class is a good idea?¬†

Decisions Decisions….¬†




One in Three.. I don’t like those odds

I hate to admit it, especially after denying it to one of my teammates just last week, but I have hit a training low.

When I started my journey to black belt I had two others in my cycle. Every belt I earned, I earned with them. We were a trio of awesomeness.. Until one’s heart just wasn’t in it anymore and after a pretty serious injury he decided enough was enough. My other team mate and I continued on. We partnered up when necessary during belt testing and she’s been the yin to my yang every belt promotion.


She told me last week that she decided to quit. Seven months¬†shy¬†of¬†getting her black belt…

My former Sensei said that usually only one in three who start out on the mats, actually reach the point of getting their black belt. I’ve seen people drop out within the first year or two, but I had some nostalgic belief that my trio would have survived. Especially after our first two years were behind us.

There was a difference between us that is probably worth noting to why I will be successful and they were not. For one: If those are the odds I’m dealt with, I was determined to make myself the one of three that came out on the black out end…

The first to drop was only there for the physical activty. He wanted to train and excercise. He wasn’t there to get a belt. He also didn’t invest himself to the people he trained with. Don’t get me wrong, he was pleasant and polite and probably made a friend or two.. but he didn’t take any time to help the lower belts in technique and inspire them to be better. He was there for himself.

I have this burning need sometimes to give what knowledge I learned back to the people around me. My Sensei’s have always been great, but the majority of what I learned came from the higher belts around me. It’s the subtle details that I’ve gained from them, and the unwavering support to never quit. They have always been my source of awe and desire to continue to be better than what I was the last time I stepped on the mats. As I’ve advanced in rank I can see myself being the same beacon of inspiration to others and I don’t take that responsibility lightly.

For the second, my partner in belt testing crime, she wasn’t invested off the mats. There is a curriculum, or forms, we have to master in order to show our proficiency in certainly moves. When we first started Muay Thai, these forms were a regular portion of our mat time. Eventually, as my former Sensei left, we saw less and less of it. A lot of people didn’t like that, and left because when belt testing came around and they couldn’t do the forms and¬†they felt like fools..¬†I actually used to miss the form time too¬†because it was a great way to wind down and since we have to be tested on them it helps to get the input from the instructors.

But let’s face it.. those forms don’t actually teach us Muay Thai at all.. And it’s better to have more pad time with an awesome partner than spend even 5 minutes learning a choreographed set of moves.

I am proficient in my forms. More than proficient. I’m fortunate enough to take morning classes. And after the class is over we have the opporunity to practice either our weapons or forms. That’s not the case in the evening when classes are back to back. Mostly I don’t stay, but right before a belt ceremony you bet you knickers I’m going to brush up on my forms. I don’t keep it to just on the mats. I practice at home as well. They give you a print out of what each form entails and I have that posted in our “family dojo” room. If I want to look proficient I know I have to keep practicing.

My second teammate, struggled to do the forms. She hadn’t even learned most of them. So when we were doing our black belt candicay class I think she saw just how far behind skill wise¬†she was in comparison. In a way that makes me feel like I was responsible for her quitting, I know that’s not the case. She blames the dojo and it’s lack of taking the time on the mats to teach her these lessons.. I feel that it’s up to them to teach me skills, but I have the ability (and should) take it upon myself to learn these forms wherever and whenever I can.

And yet… not having either of the people who were with me all the way, losing a lot of Senseis in the past year has broken me down.. I dunno if I even CARE anymore about getting it. I am black belt potential, I know it. And although I¬†haven’t tested it have proven it…but my heart isn’t in it…

When I test, I won’t be alone. I will be with one of my best friends at the dojo. She’s two months ahead of my in the cycle but we even out by testing time. It’s not the same though as my trio of awesome ūüė¶