First Day of School


Well, my kids demanded a first day of school photo of myself. Totally rocking the raccoon look…I was burnt to a crisp Sunday!

My son made me breakfast of cereal and reminded me it’s the most important meal of the day. Thanks πŸ™‚

He also gave me some words of wisdom being a veteran at this school gig..

“Try not to get a detention. Remember you need to pick us up from the bus when school starts so try to keep out of trouble ok?”

Wise words!!! Got it!

All in all.. I’ve been hating how so many people want to know how my first day went.. I’m getting a good dose of my own medicine right there…

My first class I got to early. Apparently it’s the thing, since teachers don’t have set classrooms, to keep the doors locked and you have to wait for the teach to rush up with keys.. Knowing this I will never be earlier than 5 minutes again. I had to stand listening to a group of teenage girls giggling.. I am really glad I am no longer in that age bracket…

The class was spent introducing ourselves and mostly for the teacher to evaluate who needed to be broken out of their shell…. I’ve had to look a fool a million times in front of people at the dojo..I was the second person to willingly introduce themselves.. “Hi, I’m Faithie and I’m awesome!” <~ not exactly like that.. but you get the gist…

The way my classes break down, there’s an hour in between each.. Which I know will be great for studying/working on homework or whatever.. but for the first day?! I spent the first one finding student services and being told they’re posting when they’re doing the photos for student ID’s on Wednesday. Since ID’s are an optional thing it’s not on the high priority list. I NEED one to use the fitness center.. So to me, it’s high on my list..

English.. was actually hard..I figured it would be the one I’d love… but I guess it’s hard to love something that gives you a writing prompt straight off the bat to evaluate your writing skills.. ACK! I feel like I did crappy…I dunno why.. but I do :/. My English teacher is seriously the most noteworthy one of them all.

Yes!!! He makes me feel like I’m REALLY in college. We listened to jazz while working…I think it will be a lot of fun engaging him in some debates. A lot of the topics we’ll be discussing I’ll have a leg up on the other students.. uh hello? I’ve lived life just a smidge more than them… One in particular will be about the parents that have kept their kid’s gender a secret. As a parent, conveniently representing both genders I have a LOT to say about this…

Another hour of aimlessly wandering the halls trying to find someplace I want to hole up in.. I read a bit until my next class..

MAth… fortunately it was all coming back to me as she explained a few things… Thank the GODS. I did retain it.. just buried it deep inside where other useless information gets buried.. Lots of homework to “review”.. I did a chunk of it last night.. thankfully she gave us the answers so on the ones I did get wrong I could go back and figure it out…

Honestly, I feel very overwhelmed. Looking at the syllabus of each class, I can see the work that will be involved. I feel like it’s work I don’t HAVE to do.. why am I opting to do this again?! You say I could have just stayed happily behind my desk at work watching Netflix and stitching?!

I just need some time to adjust….


8 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. My Intro to Humanities class was my giggly-little-girl class. >.< I ended up sitting along side all new graduates or dual enrollment HS girls. I wanted to die…and thought might…of old age. My ENC I class though had some other older ladies in it and that was the best class; indeed, you bring more to the table when you've lived life a bit! You will adjust and be fine! πŸ™‚

  2. In the beginning I found it helpful to only read the syllabus for the week I was in and never read ahead.. because then I felt way too overwhelmed and I couldn’t focus on the work at hand. Now? I don’t even read the syllabus o_0 I just follow what we are supposed to do day by day.. BUT everyone works different, you will find what works for you the best πŸ™‚ Good luck girl! You will do amazing!

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