It’s Time to be a Finisher

Abandoned Projects

When I was little, I used to be a daddy’s little girl. So much so, that I don’t really have any memories of my mother before he left us at the age of 7 other than when I would wake her up to assault my hair into a pony tail for school.

So naturally, when he deployed and never came back, I took it very hard.

To help me cope my mother taught me how to cross stitch. I never really finished a project until I was around 9. I was more of a serial starter. I would start, make a mistake, and get so frustrated I’d throw the piece never to be seen again within my terror of a room. Then I’d just start the same project over and over again.


My problem now is that I have spent 24 years developing as a stitcher. I cannot stand to go one day without getting to sit down and stitch. It doesn’t even really matter what I stitch, just so that I do. And the result of that is that I have a ton of finished pieces laying in a completion pile with nowhere to go.


There’s more not even featured in this photo. I guess I have the same habit of tossing the pieces as I did when I was 7, I just wait until they are complete…

This is no way for the pieces I’ve worked on to live. They deserve to be displayed more than in a photo on my blog/facebook. I will not stand for it anymore! As such, I plan on spending the year making sure that all my completed pieces get the respect they deserve and are finished properly.

So far I’m off to a great start:

Anyone have any unique finishing ideas to share?