New Classes New Challenges!

I’m settling into my classes nicely.

Well sort of…

I’m currently rocking public speaking. We had to do our first speech yesterday. Introducing another fellow student in the class..

Here’s the thing with me and public speaking.. I’m not in the 15% of the world that love to be on stage… but I’m not against doing it. I am an awesome lady folks! Who wouldn’t want to hear what I have to say? And let’s face it.. I’m not in front of hundreds of random experts on the subject I’m going to talk about.. I’m talking to 20 something kids who are more concerned with doing their own speeches than listening to mine.. So I demanded (already getting what I want to!) to be first.. Not to brag.. but I set the bar for everyone else to the roof!

It helps that I had a little speech prep helping me with my speech and delivery.. I think I found my son’s calling. He helped me figure out what parts of my speech weren’t needed.. Helped me find word choices that flowed together.. and he made me do my speech like a 100 times and timed me to make sure that I didn’t go over. The whole thing flowed smoothly like butter.. I didn’t need note cards or anything..

For the rest of the class I joked that my friend and I were like the two old guys from the muppet show.. We sat in front, kind of away from everyone else and would insert witty commentary while waiting for the teacher to grade everyone…


My math class is where I’m hitting a road block. I have a lot of gripes with this situation. First, I have to bring the text book to class.. It’s like 30lbs… I wish I was kidding. My other math professor let us leave it at home. Not this guy… And he’s yet to actually explain in detail the procedure for anything, and then puts up problems to solve on the board that don’t add up right so he’s constantly going back trying to fix the problem enough to make is solvable.. O.O I spent my last class doing the homework and using the textbook to teach myself how to solve it.. Then I came home and did all the problems in the book to make sure I got it all down..

I’ll most likely be teaching myself EVERYTHING I need to know from the book.. which at first felt very overwhelming.. but challenge accepted! There’s an online version of the book that has handy videos and walk through the homework problems if needed… I don’t really NEED to stress over this.. and so long as he doesn’t mind my independent ops during class than we’ll get along.. I just feel bad because already a lot of my classmates are showing stress from the whole ordeal and may not be capable of teaching themselves the material.

By this point I’m rushing to my English class.. which so far seems like I’ll do just fine. We had a longer than necessary speech about plagiarism..It sounds like my new professor enjoys a good witch hunt and her prey happens to be plagiarists. She says she gets at least 8 a semester.. now it wasn’t clear on 8 in each class or 8 total.. my class was assuming per class.. and to be honest I don’t care.. Getting accused of plagiarism is one of my biggest fears so I will make sure to back my crap up.. As much as I like to spout how awesome and amazing I am.. my thoughts are pretty run of the mill.. Someone has to have thought and produced a paper along the lines I am capable of.. right?!

Then before I know I’m home a little after noon.. it’s working well.. get some quiet/ productive time.. mostly stitching time simply because I CAN..

So far so good!


Stitching From Stash!


Here’s the thing for all you that don’t stitch… 

I used to think that this hobby was relatively inexpensive. For instance.. Starry Night. The fabric cost $30 and the 90 threads initially cost me $30.60. I replaced roughly 6 of those threads each month for a monthly cost of $2.04. That equated to $73.44 for the 36 months. I may or have bought a new thing of needles each 6 months which averaged an additional $12.00. 

Starry Night cost me roughly $115.44 to produce.. .


10 cents a day is how much my hobby cost me in the 36 months.

That is one pretty cheap hobby when it’s broken down like that!

This hobby is anything but cheap for others … They may not have been a hoarder in anything in life….until they started cross stitching.. Suddenly, not only are they stitching.. but they’re collecting! Patterns, fabrics, threads.. you name it.. There is always ONE aspect of this hobby that people develop an insane need to get more of..  

People go crazy! 

I’m a bit reserved. I enjoy a good impulse buy here or there.. but other wise I’m pretty self contained. I have the whole DMC threads collection. A few hand dyed threads mostly from other stitchers. I have a bunch of fabrics, most of them given to me by hubby’s mom. My stash would make most wonder if my heart is really in this hobby.. 

I assure I’m just cheap…. 

It was brought to my attention that a few of my friends on a cross stitch forum I frequent were joining in an event called “Stitch From Stash” The goal is to not spend more than $25 a month on this hobby. It’s supposed to force people to focus more on what they already have. It’s noble! Give life to something that you otherwise keep hidden in a bin or on a shelf.. I like that idea!

I spent a grand total of $9.87 this month…

And I’m pretty sure most of it doesn’t even count as it was threads I needed for a project I started before the start of the year…

I also got this hanger thingy.. but it’s something you use to finish a design.. I bought it to see what it was like.. So I’m going to count it because for all I know I’ll never use it.. IT WAS AN IMPULSE haha.. 

What’s cool about this challenge is that what money you haven’t spent out of the $25 gets rolled into the next month.. 

So now in February I have $40.13 to spend!

Well this is proof that either cash is getting to be as archaic as the dinosaur, or it is more likely that I do not get the luxury of having tons of $100’s hanging around.

My mom gave me her rent yesterday, and it was a hundred dollar bill.. With this blue freakadellic stripe going down that as you move it the bell transforms into 100’s. It’s trippy… Not that I don’t trust my mom or where she gets her money.. but I had to look that up..

It’s legit

Good ol Benjamin Franklin has a look on his face that shows his disappointment in how comical our money is appearing these days.

Anyone else catch one of these circulating yet?

Please Remind Me That School Starts Tomorrow

I have this whisper in the back of my head that I am going to miss my first day of school tomorrow.. Just wake up, get the kids off to school and veg out in front of the computer with a cup of coffee like I normally do. And despite the fact that I have my planner open beside me, and BACK TO SCHOOL is written in bold, underlined AND highlighted.. I’m gunna just keep sipping away going from one blog to the next… completely oblivious that I should be sitting in some classroom committing myself to more papers, tests and projects… 

I can’t mentally wrap my head around the fact that I will back to school tomorrow..

Mostly I wonder if I even want to go back..

Here’s the thing.. I got the whole “I didn’t get to be kid or college student” out of my system last semester… I was an INDIVIDUAL.. not someone’s so and so.. someone’s wife, someone’s daughter, someone’s mother.. I was just ME.. And going to school boosted my ego, reminded me that I am pretty darn smart, talented and all those things that you don’t see when you spend most of your time cleaning up after a group of people… It was nice to get all these good grades, and to excel and dare I even say DREAM BIG! I could be anything I want!

Then winter break happened. And it reminded me that… uh no Faithie.. you can’t be ANYTHING you want…You are a wife mother and daughter…the sky is not the limit.. your career will mostly be based off the schools closest to you.. and to what you can afford..or what you have time to squeeze into between housekeeper and chauffeur and whatnot.. For all you know this will be your ONLY year at college and you’ll have to go back to the hotel full time or whatever place will have you…

I guess reality is colliding with the novelty of going to school…

I’m feeling a lot like I’m not contributing to our family financially when I should be.. I get the long term goal justifying the short term condition of having little funds… I just wish my long term wasn’t soooooo long term. I think I need to  find a happy of medium of working and going to school…

It kills me to know that my mother ended up being right about this.. DAMN

But I can’t go back to work at the hotel.. at least not until summertime.. So I suppose for this semester at least I’ll be job free.. I can wait that long right?


Field Trip!

There has been a horrible bug going around the area.. It’s NASTY..

Like a stacked up set of dominoes we’ve all been picked off one by one… no one has been spared…

Saturday my husband had duty and my son, who is eight, took care of his sister and allowed me to be practically dead on the couch all day. He even made dinner for her and my mom.

On Monday, to show my appreciation of how awesome my kids are we took them to a super cool place:

IMG_20140120_142113_285IMG_20140120_142513_570 IMG_20140120_144215_912 IMG_20140120_144221_999

We became junior paleontologists. My son ended up becoming the supervisor and putting everyone to work. He’s a natural born leader..They all did what he told him to.. Except for his sister, who did her own thing as usual haha.

As part of the place’s “deluxe” package.. They each got to take home their very own fossils

IMG_20140120_174817_031 IMG_20140120_174902_595

That clam shell is over 3 MILLION years old… The Shark tooth comes in at a whopping 15 MILLION.

How cool is that!

IMG_20140120_150702_159IMG_20140120_145818_154 IMG_20140120_150338_391 IMG_20140120_150914_697 IMG_20140120_151850_722

Then they became gem miners. They went deep into a dark cave and mined gemstones that they got to keep. It was a lot of fun sitting down and figuring out what kind of gemstones they got.. I definitely learned a thing or two!

IMG_20140120_152231_387 IMG_20140120_152235_464 IMG_20140122_090553_690 IMG_20140122_090730_517

Then we joined the gold rush and panned for gold! My son had big dreams of all the good stuff he’d buy… Until he went back to the mineral chart and saw this was not real gold but iron pyrite……

Other awesome things we saw:

IMG_20140120_154015_877 IMG_20140120_154040_273 IMG_20140120_154249_560 IMG_20140120_154322_919

It was a lot of fun! You can’t beat a field trip that is not only fun but educational for both the kid and the parents!

4 days! Eep!

Oh boy… School starts up again on Friday..

Friday..isn’t that weird? Here have ONE day of school and then enjoy the weekend… Why not give me, and the student body that I am a member of, one last weekend to rejoice in the freedom that is winter break? Or start earlier. I’d be cool with that too.. 

I feel really twitchy.. In between wanting to get this awkwardly initial first day over with and to do something so amazingly awesome in the last stretch of break.. Other than a bunch of marathon stitching we’ve toned down our crazy life antics..I have a bunch of navy wife brunches and I’m planning to train my heart out this week to make up for neglecting it in the future so feasibly I won’t be doing nothing all day until school starts. Plus we have no money for any epic outings so I’m gunna have to deal with being antsy until the first day


This is my when it’s cold outside project.. I work on it in the winter months and when spring shows I squirrel it away.. I started it 3 years ago and am finally almost done with the third row!


I started this morning going through my bag and prepping it for the upcoming semester…

And guess what I found….

My freaking Navy ID… 

My daughter has turned into a little bit of a klepto.. 

When I did what I will call the great purging of 2014 I never even thought to look in my bag. I scoured the house… the car..Little Miss’ room more than once.. and always came up empty.. So hubby got off work early Friday and we got a new one.. with a pic I’d rather die than display off..It figures that now that I finally caved and a got a new one that the old one pops up… 

I cleaned out my binders and it just blows my mind how much paper I chucked.. My school does not fully embrace the digital era just yet.. 

Now things are clean… I’m ready to start fresh 🙂

I gotta say though, I will miss my mostly clean house and having an almost always full gas tank.. 

I did have a talk with the hubby about sharing more of the burden while I’m in school, and how stressful it was to be expected to still do EVERYTHING and then get hell for it when I let things like dishes or sweeping the floor slide during finals.. It wouldn’t kill the two other adults to help out a little more when I’m stressed out.. It’s not like I ask for much… 

So I’m hoping with that and the added schedule tweaking I will have a smoother semester. Wish me luck! 

Theft Suspect Apprehended in a Recent String of Burglaries


This cute adorable 5 year old was apprehended in connection of various thefts in the area

After a raid of her room the following was found:

An old lady’s purse with the contents dumped out in her closet. Nail polish, scissors and nail clippers were also found on the scene. 

A follow up raid of her work establishment found a sight word folder which was reported by a fellow coworker (and reading competitor) to be missing for days. 

Still missing is a military dependency ID which was not found on either premises.. The suspect refuses to comment on the whereabouts of this item

The suspect pleads innocence on all counts. 


Her lawyer released the following statement in regards to these accusations:

“She’s just a kid. It happens” 

Trial will commence this weekend with Judge Mommy presiding. If found guilty this five year old could see up to one day of grounding for each count with no chance of parole.