My Latest Project

Before my husband deployed last year, I spent the last two weeks before his departure dreaming of the perfect shot. It was of his boat coasting down the river, just shy of being under the bridge.

I had a picture I loved of his previous boat in much the same way, before his second deployment, where it is framed so beautifully in the spring brush line. My friend Kelli and I had chased the boat along the water with our two toddlers either passed out, or completely oblivious to the significance of the day.

The morning the boat was set to leave was miserable. It was more misty than rainy. It was wet, but a hovering wet like we were perpetually stuck in a miserable cloud. I shivered for hours at the pier at their send off, as they debated whether they were actually leaving or not. The kids, much older, all seemed to still be oblivious to the moment they were living. They splashed in puddles, they ran around couples clutching each other as if were the last time. I was pretty moody because not only was my husband leaving, but I couldn’t get that epic shot I had wanted. That shot was meant to my consolation prize damnit! It was the last time I could get a photo of a sub with my husband on it before he came home a civilian. There were memories that this weather was ruining!

“Luck” was on my side, however, for “they” decided they would pull out the next day. The next day was a complete 180. It was sunny and the mistiness from the day before had everything glistening and shiny.

I got distracted by a lonely swan that was investigating the group of women at the waterfront.


that I nearly missed it! Fortunately I was with people who are immune to swan watching. They pointed out that the boat was quickly approaching. With camera in hand I got the infamous shot that I have used numerous times in this blog:


I thought it ended up looking cool black and white. It made the whole experience look classic.

I have an empty space in my living room that is long and narrow, and I figured this would be a great piece to hang up in memory of my husband’s last deployment (well assumed last deployment…)

I did some research and found that it would be over $350 to have this printed the size I wanted it. And that didn’t even include a frame or delivery. That is extortion!

I commented once to my mom that for half that price I could stitch it to the size I wanted for more than half the price..

And thus.. my latest project was born:

It will be 39x 16.11 inches which will equal 203,580 stitches.


Being on a grayscale, there are only 24 colors in this piece. It makes for a really relaxing stitch. There’s almost no pesky confetti.. I’m in stitchy heaven!










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