I am a Survivor of Horrible Planners


Shocker Alert: I can be pretty picky……

Overall, I usually am not. I am pretty mellow and go with the flow 9 times of 10.

There are, however, some things that when I like it.. I LOVE IT.. and there is nothing that will ever get me to budge on..

Such as:

My choice in writing utensils. They must be Pentel’s .07 mechanical pencils and Sharpie’s Liquid Highlighters. They are the only things I will work with during the school season.


Ironically… I don’t really have a preference for what pens I use….

My stitch tools: I prefer the DMC marbleized scissors. The ones in the middle I received as a gift, and use them on the rare occasion, but my heart is set on the comfort of what I know.



Finding what you like takes some trial and error. You buy something, see if it works and if it does great! Somethings never fit and you’re stuck enduring it, yearning for an item that suits you but most likely doesn’t exist….

My item that doesn’t exist… is a planner. I’m a college student with numerous responsibilities that include keeping children active and alive and  a husband whose schedules is as fickle as the weather. Plus, if I’m being honest, I’m pretty forgetful.

I need to write things down in a specific way so that everything can get done efficiently!

I have tried various organizers in the past. To no avail. There’s not enough space.. too much space. It’s not laid out in a way that makes sense to my brain…I seriously don’t get why you need a monthly calendar AND a weekly. I also don’t understand why it bothers me so much.. but it does…all the little organizational fails in all the planners I’ve purchased over the years has turned me into a bitter planner hater.

2016 is upon us, and with another impending crazy year for this Ninja family, it was time to get a new planner. I searched.. hunted online.. even looked up templates on word to see about just adding new pages into the organizer I already had. It was a depressing journey..

Finally, I purchased a $5  organizer that I assumed I could tolerate the most.

I spent a coffee session filling it with the important dates of 2016. Mostly days the kids have off from school and birthdays of the peeps I love. Looking at the pages made me feel sad, the whole thing was bland. I grabbed my lovely 10 pack of Sharpie highlighters to jazz the first week up a bit… and the paper was so thin the color bled onto the next page..


Let’s be for real here.. the organizer was $5..It’s not like it was the top of the line..

But not being able to use highlighters, which is how I keep track of all my classes, is a major deal breaker. Color coding keeps me sane and not feel overwhelmed! Just ask my former students that I would teach how to annotate readings!

Screw that. I am sick and tired of being the victim of organizer companies that have no idea of the life I lead in order to create a decent planner to match it. No more!

This is my official declaration that I am a survivor of horrible planners and I will not endure another year of mediocre organization!

Faithie’s 2016 planner

I used Illustrator to format everything to my liking. I have an area to make weekly and daily goals. An area for school AND have a weekly quote to keep me inspired and going strong. It’s also interactive, thanks to free coloring pages on the web. I can also jot notes down and keep myself updated on our finances.

After I designed them I printed them out, backed them on cardstock, added some holes and inserted them into last year’s organizer.


Each week has a different theme to keep things fresh:

We are two weeks into 2016 and my planner is everything I could hope for ❤

The moral of the lesson is: Never Settle.

If you know what you like and you don’t see it out in the world.. create it!






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