In 2009 my husband j406590_244990595570960_730615593_noined a forum that talked exclusively about film jackets. Mainly it was a bunch of grown men with a lot of disposable income attempting to make themselves the very embodinment of their dream movie characters.

It was a great because how many people do you walk down the street that you can instantly identify as having the same hobby as you do?

No one I know in the real world shares my passion. Sure, some have tried, but it never seems to stick even with the person who taught me, my mother. I’ve been a lone stitchy wolf for years.

So I ventured off in search of a forum that I too could find my own. And I found a great one right here. I found numerous people who were as passionate about stitching as I was. I was such a niave little stitcher before them. I had no idea what HAED stood for, the pros and cons to parking, and oh boy the heated division between those who use bobbins and other nonconventional methods like stitchbows. My stashy budget overflowed with new threads and fabrics and cross stitch magazines.. Those were some good times! Eventually I racked up over 10,000 posts, most of which were most filled with “Great job! Congrats on the progress!” It was such a beautifully warm community that I was within.

The forum moderator sent me a gift of goodies when I reached that 10,000 milestone. (Which only 11 members  out of hundreds have achieved so far). In it was a cute little design.

I finally stitched it uIMG_20150725_090243087editp a few days ago:

I am really not active anymore on the forum, what with school and the chaos. I am not really on the computer much these days with a whole lot of free time. Despite the inactivity, I will always love that forum and the great people that embraced me as one of their own.


On the flip side, after searching years for a stitchy companion to share my passion in person.. I finally found one!



5 thoughts on “Stitchy Friends

  1. Online forums and facebook groups opened up my stitchy world so much! Love that saying. I sometimes find myself feeling a bit crazy and then realise ‘oh, you haven’t stitched in 3 days’, I sit down to stitch and the stress melts away. Glad you have found a little stitchy partner!

  2. Awwww! She’s stitching!!! How adorable!!!

    So funny- I just heard the term “parking” yesterday and was going to try to find out more about it. Do you use that technique?

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