Season One of the Real Housewife(ish) of the Submarine World was such a hit, that it has come back due to popular demand!

Episode One: The Road Trip

Faithie goes on a road trip with her best college friend, A, for a National Women’s Conference for College Leaders. Watch Faith console her friend who is hard pressed to be away from her girlfriend for a few days, complete with flowers being sent to the hotel.

Episode Two: Put on a smile

Faith’s mother in law passes while still at the conference and she does her best to get word to her husband leaugues under the sea. Watch the frustration as she tries to squeeze information from her brother in law to get enough info to send an AmCross message, but ends up getting most of her information from vague people on facebook

Episode Three: Vague messages

Unsure on if hubby knows his mother passed or not, Faithie sends really lame emails to husband in attempt to keep his morale up.

Episode Four: EEG and MRI

Z-Man ends up having another seizure, which means moving up a lot of his labwork. Watch Faithie deal with having to cope with the stress of wondering what is going on with her son.

Episode Five: Give to those who have Naught

Faithie’s husband’s seapup’s wife asks the support group to help out a homeless shelter. Although Faithie felt it best to cut ties with the support group since hubby is getting out, she can’t help but want to volunteer. Was this bonding enough to want to do more activities with the wives?

Episode Six:: Lazy Lake Days

Faith and a group of friends start a Tuesday morning lake day after their morning thai class. But is it as fun as it sounds? (spoiler..this lasted two weeks lol)

Episode Seven: This is why we can’t have nice things.. 

Hubby goes on a spending spree in port, spending up t $2400 in one port. Apparently Faithie is supposed to be ok with that because the bulk of that went to purchasing her a ring. Faithie, however, wonders how well she can trust her husband financially when he is out of the Navy and can’t be making these reckless purchases

Episode Eight: Gay Marriage!

Faithie’s support of gay marriage ends up causing her uncle to go on a maniacle blasting fest on her facebook. Can Faithie cool the waters or will her uncle decide she is a lost cause? (Spoiler: I am a lost cause…)

Episode Nine: Fresh Meat

Faithie makes a trip to the college to help our at the school’s orientation. What she lands into is a drama filled student government executive board. Is Faithie second guessing her choice to become an executive board member?

Episode Nine: When the only man in your life fails 

In a random act of possible suicide, Faith’s car has a meltdown. Can she afford to get it repaired?

Episode 10: Let’s throw in Cancer

Granny finds out that she has cancer, and it will be surgically removed. Only since she has COPD like Faith’s mother in law, the chances of her having complications are high.  What are the chances that she could lose her own mother in the same way that her husband lost his?? (spoiler…Granny liiiiiiives!)


2 thoughts on “Season Two of the Real Housewife(ish)!!!

  1. Dude…. that’s a lot. I hope the ring is worth it and so glad to hear your Grandma is doing okay! I’m sorry to hear about your MIL’s passing. Is that related to DH’s spending?

    1. It’s my mom, but we call her Granny. She so far seems to be doing well.
      I think my husband’s spending was more of a panic “Oh crap I’m getting out of the Navy” mode, in which he started to wonder how he would provide for us getting out. When we married I flat out told him I did not want an expensive engagement ring or wedding ring (not my thing) and after 10 years he forgot it was me that made that decision and he felt like a horrible man unable to give his wife all that society said he should.. So his heart was in the right place, but his wallet wasn’t…

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