When my husband is away, I have these insanely vivid dreams. I actually remember the first one. I was in a bed with a long haired hippie man. I can’t remember his name but he was the love of my life. And he was leaving for war. He never came back. The loss of him was so devastating, I felt it all throughout the day. I literally mourned for a fake love that had died.

Each time he leaves, I dream fall in love with someone and for one reason or another my love gets ripped away from me and I am left with a gut wrenching loss.

There’s another set of dreams that include my husband. In them he’s always cheating on me and I end the entire marriage. The result is another set of heartache that again lasts all freaking day.

This deployment is different. I haven’t had any of these dreams. I can’t really tell if that’s a good thing or not…….



One thought on “Five Minute Friday: Dreams

  1. My husband is retired Air Force. I always had a love-hate affair with being alone when he was gone. I am sorry that you’ve had such crazy dreams! Those always leave me a little unsettled too. 🙂 Early in our marriage I had this insane fear that he would die before he came home. I had to really come to terms with God being my protector and his. Such a trust walk we take, isn’t it? I hope you know God’s peace during this current deployment.

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