The Trumpet of the Swan was one of my favorite books as a child. I was big into conecting with animals way better than I could other people. The book made me love swans.


Then I learned swans are considered an invasive species to my area.They originate from Asia and some parts of Europe. These birds were brought here because some rich dude who traveled abroad thought they would make a great addition to his personal pond. They then became a novelty for those who had their own ponds. (which really, how many could that be?). It didn’t take long for these birds to acclimate and then spread…all over….thanks rich dude

When they eat, they rip out the food source making it inedible to other natural water birds like mallards. Think of a guy ahead in a lunch line that with one move flips the entire table of food onto the ground. Then stares at you and tells you to eat off the floor…..

They are also extremely agressive and prevent other birds from nesting <~ further reducing those populations… because starvation wasn’t enough.

Suffice to say… Swans are real A-holes.


One thought on “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Afloat

  1. That’s a lovely picture! It’s interesting to hear about swans; I’ve never had any locally in my area, but I just figured they were native to other areas.

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