To Practice Publications or to not?

Calander Loreli

Calendar square

Zadencalendar square

One of the things that the spouses did to help keep the morale up on my husband’s sub before they deployed was to put together a calendar.

What an awesome idea right?!

So we saw some samples, which were pretty decent but I dunno.. not me.. or my husband for that matter.. Sure he loves his kids, but does he want a picture of him with his two little angels wrapped around his leg posted up in the galley? Not really.. So I figured if I was going to do some squares I was going to really put the personality of my family into it.. And I wasn’t going to just use glue and scrapbooking paper.. I am paying $10 a month for photoshop.. Time to put it to some use!!! The above, with some input from the kids, are the result of my effort to make creative calendar squares.

The more I played around with things, the more I really wanted to know what the hell I was doing.. and even youtube just wasn’t helping me…

Here I am at a cross roads…

See, last semester I said I was going to do the graphic and communications arts certificate program at the college before moving on to a four year university… I ended up not doing so because apparently I could only have one certificate program on the record at a time in conjunction with my major.. I was closer to getting my Womens Studies certificate so I stuck with that.. As I looked over my projected graduation date I learned that attempting to get the graphic and communication arts certificate would put me into a year past my expected graduation date for my Associates in General Studies. I was also misinformed about financial aid and it not paying for certificate programs, so if I decided to get the certifcate the expenses for classes would be out of pocket… This I learned is not true, my financial aid would cover certificate programs..

I decided that since I do not click with my previous digital photographer professor, that I would be content with just dropping the certificate program and graduating on schedule.. <~ Now one should never make such big decisions based on “liking” a professor, especially one that said he really felt I should go for the program, however if you understood the dynamics that is this professor you would understand. I am seriously the professor A therapist for all of the campus. DAILY I run into someone in his current classes and never do I hear good things about him. I am reminded of why I wanted to leave the graphic arts world on campus and never look back.

Despite his insipid personality and his bipolarish tendencies to try to be the student’s friend one minute and then this holier than thou man the next.. he can teach me what I feel is most right…. Journalism.. writing… COMMUNICATIONS has been my thing since 3rd grade when I wrote a 14 page novel and my peers at best got 3 pages into their tales. It’s always been my need to write, and thus why I love and miss blogging so much.. and why when I finally do my posts are so long winded. I would be happy in life being an editor for a publishing company..(hahahahah I know let’s all laugh and note the million grammar mistakes that Faithie makes in one post alone)

But this man.. this professor who seems to make everyone loathe themselves and their work more than be inspired by it.. would be teaching literally EVERYTHING..

I have an empty slot in my semester next fall, and I’ve been toying around with doing the publications practice.. All I’ve heard about the class is from those telling me how assinine the man is.. but inbetween I hear the project ideas and I get a little excited. Creating my own advertisement pieces? Brochures? Learning more about Photoshop and InDesign?! <~ Tell me that does not sound freaking COOL…

Any advice would be appreciated…




2 thoughts on “To Practice Publications or to not?

  1. *sigh* I can’t deal with professors that I clash with. I’m grateful for at least the fact that the Florida school is so large that I can navigate around anyone that I dislike. I honestly don’t know what I would do in this situation… If you think you can put his jerkishness aside and not take it personally; very clearly it isn’t personal at all, then I would go for it! I would struggle with that though and I know from past experience that my grades fall in those situations. :-/ Did you do okay with him before?

    1. I got an 87 in digital photography largely because I didn’t know a lot about photoshop and he did these stupid pop quizzes each week that never made sense to anybody taking them…Every week we had to do a self reflection on each project.. I spent more time bashing his requirements more than self critiquing. Lol he said he loved my honesty and I think those self reflections are what made him suggest I take the certificate program. My advisor, a professor I love, said that he’s abrasive and whatnot because people don’t take his classes seriously and it is his way of showing that it’s meant to be more than a fun class.. I could tolerate him again I think.. But I dunno if I could tolerate him for 8 more classes O.O

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