Spring Break?


I am officially on Spring Break, which I should be thankful for. Some of the students in my college can’t say the same. A good few professors are holding classes this week to make up for the MILLION snow days we’ve had.. Fortunately, I have awesome professors this year who want a break from me as much I want from them 😉

I am also thankful the tutoring center closed all appointments this week.. Again, if not I would have been working there..

And that is where I need most of a break..

Last year, the only real insanity I endured was during finals. That is understandable.. If there is ever a time to panic it’s during finals O.O The rest of the semester it was pretty good! I always had an EA or other tutors backing me up. I had solid people to go for advice AND a great set of people to share my workload with.. IE I got a decent amount of study time in, got paid, and felt like I was really helping people.. <~ Happy Times!

Niave Faith thought that these good times should continue! I kept the same days but added more hours so that I was working 5 hours 3 days a week. Two of those three days I am by myself all day long… I am the only writing tutor available O.O Which means that every day I am SLAMMED.. back to back appointments for the entirety I’m there even on the one day I have another tutor to back me up.. I haven’t quite figured out how I see her studying all the time and my appointment schedule is slamming except that people like me.. The big head honcho of the tutoring center commented once that he always saw that I was in high demand.. He took it as I’m a great tutor, and maybe to a degree I am, but mostly it’s me or nothing.. Beggars can’t be choosers.. Although I’m really liking that it’s making me look good to the higher ups, it’s really stressful..I have been contemplating talking to the writing center head about blocking out a lunch time… but the time I would want to do it is when I have a recurring appointment every day with one student.. and it’s the only time she can make it there so I’d be selfishly giving myself a break at her expense… I go without lunch and a break, so she better pass her classes damnit..

I also had to switch my schedule around at the hotel to get my mom off to watch the kids for a night class I had to take, resulting in me working both Saturday and Sunday nights.. I used to work Tuesdays and Sundays and it was timed pretty well for my Tuesday/Thursday classes.. I could get a huge portion of my school work done at the hotel.. (have you noticed I like jobs where I get paid to do my schoolwork too? lol) Saturday we have sold out every night I have worked.. which means I am swamped with hotel work and no time to even think about school let alone do any of it. And because I am in recoop from the horror that was Saturday night working, I tend to do very little of school work the next evening…

To the point: My dumb ass is making myself work 7 days/nights a week.. not including the various programs my kids are in… I haven’t had much time to focus on my own studies.. I freaking worked on my midterm for one class minutes before it was due <~ I have NEVER NEVER done that before.. I feel like I didn’t do well on it because I rushed it and it’s stressing me out on top of already being stressed out…

This week is for resting… and not feeling too guilty about not obsessing over future papers and work… This week will be spent stitching and watching Gilmore Girls


This my current progress on Heaven and Earth’s Autumn Owl

My husband said that it looked more like a My Little Pony… It does not!!!! Or does it????






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