Ten Years, Zen Chocolate, and Defilement

Recently my husband and I celebrated one of the HUGEST accomplishments known to man…

We celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary.

Going into Providence seems to by hubby’s go to thing to do on our anniversaries. It’s fun because it feels like a mini getaway.. We leave the state! We go into a city!

994124_10152592457906570_4511932622648375766_n 10384699_10152592503501570_737192009638105736_n 10433698_10152592509721570_1162315639298399197_n


Then later that week we made a plan….to defile ourselves…

See my husband and I both have a tendency to be lax in the ring wearing department. I hate constantly taking jewelry off and on to train… (in fact I recently lost my ring my mother had given me for my 16th birthday because it slipped out of my pocket) And my husband saw a coworker once get his hand mauled by some machinery because his ring got stuck on something…

So a few years back we decided we would get tattoo rings on our 10th wedding anniversary.. It was time to man up and get our very first tattoos!



Here’s to ten more years!



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