Blizzard 2015


Today my family and I are being liberated from our weather related house arrest!

My family and I lived through the great blizzard of 2015!

People were in a panic because the electric companies were telling people they may not only be stuck in their homes for a few days, but with no power… I pity the people in my area without a wood stove.. because the thought of being frozen in my home for days on end does not sound appealing!

Monday the family and I prepped the house: Everyone played a hand.


My husband split the wood while the kids ferried it to other side of the house where I grabbed it from them and piled it near the stove. We were excited!

The productivity ended about there.. With plenty of food and firewood we all got in our jammies and waited for the storm to come.

The next day we woke up… completely stuck in our homes with almost two feet of snow. We never lost power πŸ™‚ The snow was still coming down and the governor put a ban on driving. So there was nothing to do but play in the snow!!!

DSC05742 DSC05762 DSC05766 DSC05796 DSC05806 DSC05813 DSC05817DSC05798

Inside we were having fun too:



I got my stitchy on.. For a little while now I have been working on this design:


It is called the QS Autumn Owl by Heaven and Earth Designs.

Here’s where I’m at so far:


We’re supposed to get more snow overnight.. maybe we’ll get snowed in again!!


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