Time To Get Organized!


But first.. before I get organized let me blog about it 😉

I am not big on the whoe resolution idea.. I make goals for myself and fail them all year long… I was a serious overachiever when it comes to bailing on plans to self improve myself in 2014. I used to be so with it and together but then I started to dream bigger and let the little things like my health slip. :/

Maybe if I want to make a resolution it will be to think things out better………

Not thinking things out exactly is what I’ve learned is the problem with resolutions. Most of them are big picture dreams. Go dreamers! But dreams stay in the clouds unless you have the ability to get yourself to them…

My goal is to balance myself better. Before I started college I was all HEALTHY Faith… I was 130 lbs on a heavy day and could out lap anyone on the track..

Then I started to school..

And the only way I survived this last semester was by drinking 3 large cups of coffee a day and binging on junk food… no bueno… I have Hashimoto’s Disease and one of the things keeping me off a high dose was the fact that my body really responded well to being very strict with what I ate and excercising on the daily. <~ Ya know….the exact opposite of how I was living during the school year..

It feels a lot like I can’t find a balance between my healthy hardcore lifestyle and going to college. Ugh..That seriously can’t be true.. can it?

Because I am not a quitter, I am taking this winter break to develop stronger habits of health that will trascend into the school year. So here are a few habits I am going to cementer before I go back to school in a few weeks:

First I need a more well established excercize committment. Last semester I was lucky to be going twice a week..I couldn’t take my tried and true morning classes at the dojo anymore because I was in class at the time. If I was lucky I scrambled in for Friday nights and or Saturday mornings.. which after a week of nothing felt like torture.

At some point in my dojo days of the past 4 years I have adopted the philosophy that taking classes there was my only avenue to work out.. That meant if I wasn’t punching pads held by a friend or kicking a bag that I had to give up the idea of excercizing..

Thinking about that now.. How does that make sense, Faith? I have to be smarter than that?!

So my healthy habit I’m establishing is finding other ways than just the dojo to get fit.. I freaking have a treadmill at home, a nice fitness center at the college to use AND a portable bike to keep me active at work..

But this doesn’t excuse my lax habits at the dojo. That needs to stop.. I need to get back and be the black belt that I am. My schedule allows me go in the mornings now (with a mad dash to the college afterwards.. )

I also need to get organized with food:

Sundays are going to be food prep day. The kids and I are going to make a weekly list of recipes and go shopping for them. (which is one of my downfalls when it comes to healthy eating.. I HATE grocery shopping…) We’re going to make some awesome freezer meals and things in advance so there’s no excuse to eating fast food. I am going to use my excessive free time to experiment with a lot of different recipes so I can see with what works when I don’t have the time to be figuring this stuff out…

And woah.. watch out folks.. but I will not be dieting… I am super good at dieting when I need to .. shedding weight and sending my thyroid into hyperthyroidic tendencies..

No.. instead I am just going to focus on making more things by scratch. Less processed foods and smaller portions. Being more aware of the things that go in my mouth and not just the calories that they represent…

I spent this morning prepping my planner to figure out when things will be ideal.. Not just when I want to throw them in.. but when things will actually have a chance at succeeding.. Wish me luck, because even the best of well laid plans have hiccups!


5 thoughts on “Time To Get Organized!

  1. There’s a thing that I “pinned” on pinterest that’s 100 days of no processed foods in the slow cooker. I’m hoping to take a crack at it this year! 🙂 Best wishes!!

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