Merry Christmas To All!

DSC04241 (2)

I finally finished Merry Christmas to All which was designed by Heaven and Earth Designs

I am a bit bummed by how blobby Santa’s face looks, but I’ve also had a few years to get over it lol.

I started this five years ago and only worked on it during the winter seasons.

This was my very first, and only HAED. For those not in the stitchy know, Heaven and Earth Designs takes a lot of well known artist’s pieces and generates them into charts. Merry Christmas to All, for example, is the artwork of Ruth Sanderson. A lot of people get really absorbed with the HAED designs and they are known in the cross stitch community as HAED-cases. A lot of their designs are drool worthy…I think I’m more of a closet HAED case.. I can keep it together for the sake of my wallet but I looove getting updates on others stitching them..

This was also my first large piece that I did in 25 count. The count refers to how many holes there are within an inch of the fabric. I usually work on 14-18 pieces for large projects. It took some getting used to, and I definitely will NEVER stitch 25ct with 2 threads again.. It was really difficult in some spots because it was so thick… Lessons learned πŸ˜‰

My husband wants us to keep this piece up all year long. He doesn’t think that something I worked so hard on should be left in a closet for the majority of the year. Β I, however, am planning on it being just another holiday decoration that goes up during the holiday season. That’s pretty much how it lived its life being stitched, so why would the it’s “afterlife” be any different?

What do you all think?


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