Family Traditions

Family Traditions


One of the things that I look forward to when it comes to the Holiday Seasons are the family traditions!

Here are a few of the A Family’s Awesome Framily Traditions:

Every year my father in law turns his living room into a gigantic Christmas Village. There are hundreds (I dare even say thousands) of little people and buildings all aglow this time of year in his house. He creates it like the landscape that is Connectcut; winding hilly roads and trees. I tried to get a decent picture of the village when we visited this weekend but it had only partially been set up, and with the lack of lighting and or tripod to accomodate the lack of lighting, most of my pictures didn’t come out.. Bummer :/

DSC04137 DSC04142edit

My children of course have fallen in love with seeing the magical village each year. So much so that my son begged that we start our own village.

A few wayward free spirited people decided to debark from their native lands of Walmart and settle down in the A family frontier. They don’t have much; just a train station and antique shop, but they have love and a lot of Santas.

Village Edit

My son decided to make his own snow (ie the devil in styrofoam form.. that crap is EVERYWHERE)

Villageedit2 (2)

Another tradition we have is cookie making! We always make cookies by scratch for Santa each year on Christmas Eve. This year we had what is possibly my work’s very last Christmas Party. To honor this we made our super special cookies:



Speaking of work and holiday traditions, there’s one I absolutely can’t stand!

DSC04227 (2)

When I was young and dumb and wanting to contribute a piece of Faithie into the hotel holiday spirit, I accepted the responsibility of stitching the names of employees onto stockings. But what I really did was add a big load of pain to my already big Christmas to-do lists. Stitching the names on is ok, but I use waste canvass to make sure my stitching is neat. That stuff is a pain in the butt to get off. I’ve learned a few tricks, as we all do when we do something consistently.. but I forever find the waste stuff around for weeks:


Every year becomes a reminder of who has come and gone at the hotel. When I open the box filled with employees past and present I get a little sad and nostalgic. Then I get a little angry because those people were placed with people who didn’t have the same name…. whhhhhyyyy!

Another tradition that always starts out seemingly fun but usually devolves into a chaotic stress endemic is my yearly homemade Christmas Cards .


I had no time to breathe or sleep let alone stitch cards.. so this tradition was put on the back burner this year… 😦



What are some of your family traditions?


5 thoughts on “Family Traditions

    1. Whaaaa!!! This is the first time I’m hearing that water soluble waste canvas even exists! Thank you so much for that bit of info! Ironically, the hotel is on the market so this is most likely my last year making these stockings.. lol but I will get some of that water soluble canvas for future projects!

      1. Yeah, it’s a relatively new thing, but it does exist:) Try googling it – I’m pretty sure you can find it at Hobby Lobby. I can’t remember where I found mine, but it works so much easier than the traditional kind.

  1. We’re still figuring out the answer to that question… Typically, I make several varieties of fudge (check!) and there are cookies (well, there’s dough in the fridge so far…). Watching “A Christmas Story,” was always part of mine. I’m thinking we may just start one of hitting the theater for a movie on December 24th…

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