Godzilla Eats Other Photo Entries for Breakfast


Did I ever share that I took a Digital Photography Course? I think may have touched on it when I discussed choosing my plan of study…

One thing that gets asked to me often: “So if you’re in Digital Photography… where are all your photos at?”

I thought about that question as I stared at my laptop screen during my last class. My final project for digital photography had been turned in and I was just killing time (wasting it sounds more like it) while the rest of my classmates continued to work.

My professor does an end of a year photography contest for his students. We all vote on the best and those who win get some photography prizes… I had no intention of enterting the contest but he insisted because I had time to kill…

I looked at all my portfolios for the week….

And I got sad..

As the weeks flew by in the matter of folders… I saw that my love for photography, my love for my OWN photography, degraded.

This class made me dislike my own work.. HATE even.

So much so that I have rarely shared any of my photography that I have taken for the class. I told my proffessor that I had previously had no intention of submitting anything for this contest. Enter Professor boosting the ego moment by saying “but you’ve submitted a lot of GREAT photos.” why wouldn’t want to submit one?

I looked at the last semester’s set of entries that he’s had posted on the wall for some time. The majority were outdoors photos that by right were beautiful. But they certainly weren’t me. I want a photo that best reflects me as a photographer. Not just my technical skill with the camera but has a message I want to share with the world…

I hated this class in a way that I have hated no other.. Every other one has felt like I was growing and progressing… this one always felt I was skating by just trying to pass… And it’s art.. who doesn’t love art?!

My photos are largely clinical and forced I guess. A reflection of just wanting to get throguh this class..

The above Godzilla pic was taken back in the second week of this course. Not the best of my work by far… but it reminds me the most of myself. Not perfect, but full of untapped potential.

One of my goals for myself is to  take the basic tools that I was taught and use them to take photos I actually like…To make this course count for something more than just my art elective.


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