Pinky Promises and Black Friday…

Pinky Promise

I’ve been making every excuse in the book to not spar these days…..

Not that I’ve ever really been consistent with sparring to begin with, but I want to be. Sparring for those not in the know is a controlled form of training where you casually fight a teammate.

The real reason that I don’t want to spar is that by the time sparring rounds go.. I just want to go home. On Fridays we show up to the dojo all bushy eyed and excited to get on with our training at 4:30.. The kids take their class, I sometimes join in for weapons class, then there’s a black belt only class that I never take just because… Afterwards I finally go in for thai class. By the time these are all over both the kids and I are tired and hungry… That out ranks my wanting to spar EVERY time…  :/

My Sensei keeps asking me to stay afterwards and I always find one reason or another to quickly run off the mats and into the comfort of my PJ’s..

But last week.. Last week I couldn’t stay because my mouth guard went MIA..I like my teeth where they are (well I wouldn’t them being slightly corrected a bit but what are the chances a punch to the face would help me out like that?) I told her I know I keep making excuses and I needed to stop doing that…

So I did something that cannot be undone…..

I pinky promised that I would spar this Friday (today)… no excuses..

There is no backing out of a pinky promise..There’s also no sparring without a mouth guard….

Genius me has been completely oblivious to the fact that I would have to go out and buy a new one….

And it’s Black Friday….


My next post, if I survive, will detail my journey to attempt to get a mouth guard at Walmart during the chaos that is Black Friday….


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