Plan of Study….

Here’s Faithie’s definition of Irony….

Finally figuring out my plan of study AND not being able to pursue it..

I had two professors talk to me about doing various certificate programs to compliment my General Studies Associates.

One was my English Lit teacher who is also my advisor for Students Advocating for Gender Equality. She has mentioned it to me the past two times we’ve had to sign up for classes. But Women’s Studies didn’t feel like what I wanted to do career wise, so I was pretty noncommital..


I went to a speaker broadcast event for National Society of Leadership and Success. The speakers were Nicholas Kristoff and Sheryl Wudunn. They have a book out that I plan on reading called A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity. One they mentioned was just how important love and general affection before the age of 2 was to the development of the brain. According to them feeling loved and well cared for and being hugged and cuddled was a better indicator for success than a child’s IQ.. Without seeing their research I can’t exactly verify how true that is… but it did make me think a bit..

What really stuck with me was at the end. We were invited to go and answer a few follow up discussion questions within a group. Everyone within my group were college friends of mine. All exceot an older gentleman. He had been in my group the last speaker broadcast, so I was already aware that he liked to talk and make all the questions about him. Which is fine to a degree. One of the questions was long the lines of “If you could advocate for only one social/economic change, what would it be”

The man instantly said children, and making sure they were well fed and provided for. Everyone else in my group instantly jumped in agreement and said that was in fact the best thing to advocate for.

When everyone had settled down I said that if I were to choose one specific thing to advocate, it would not be for children’s welfare but for women’s rights. Before I could even say much the man jumped down my throat saying I was wrong and how they had just proven why children were who we should be advocating for.

So I asked, “Primarily, who takes care of children?”

Which was all I pretty much got to say, and I since I was wise enough to know this was the place to debate nor was it worth my effort I won’t bore you with the details. He kept insisting I was wrong but I said this was a right or wrong question. That was my opinion and just stating I am wrong isn’t going to sway my thoughts. If he wanted to debate the subject I would and informed him it was a wrong move to debate me on anything. The others in my group laughed and agreed because they know me 😉 haha I got street cred for my mad debating skillz

It got me thinking. There’s always been this nagging voice in my head that I am meant to change the world. Now we all know that’s an impossible task. But, wouldn’t it be worth it to try? To change at least someone’s world for the better? To fight for those who can’t fight for themselves? If I truly feel, and I still do, that empowering women has the ability to change the world, then Women’s studies is a step in the direction of making that change. I’ve always wanted to do it, but I guess I just needed that moment of clarity to commit.


Yesterday I was working on a digital photography assignment and my professor came up to me. We talked about an upcoming project and then he told me that he thought the Graphics and Communications Arts certificate program would be ideal for me. I mentioned that I was leaning towards the Women’s Studie’s certificate. Then he said, why not do both?

Communications was something I was thinking of majoring in once I went to a 4 year college….Working in the tutoring center has cemented that urge so it would make sence to get a certificate in it… Graphic Design sounds fun (and beneficial to my blog)….

So yeah… Why not do both?

Oh yeah because I can’t continue on in college…


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