Faithie the Photographer


This picture was taken of me during last week’s power weekend. That’s right! There’s a new select few of awesome peeps joining our dojo’s black belt family!!!! And even more advancing to further degrees.

I am currently taking a course in digital photography. I dropped General Psychology and took it on thinking that I deserved an easier course load this semester…

Holy smokes was I wrong. This is a very time consuming course and its the one that has stressed me out the most. This isn’t just remembering some stuff and or writing papers. This is every new week you have a specific purpose to acheive. I average 12+ hours a week working on my projects and am just barely getting by with a 90… That is just insanity, as I do have other courses to worry about AND two jobs AND a family to deal with..

As frustrated and stressed as this makes me feel, I do enjoy digital photography. It has allowed me to see things from a different point of view. I never really looked at the sky before. I mean REALLY REALLY looked at the formation of clouds. Or how they move and interact with the scenery they cover. I haven’t really thought to since I was  my daughter’s age. I’ve found mushrooms living in trees, termite infested trees still standing though their innards have been completely eaten away, and captured some really awesome moments of my kids.

But back to Power Weekend! It just so happened to coincide with action week at the dojo.. I couldn’t use the majority of these photos because they are too grainy… but I’m an amateur with amateur eqiupment.. now if I could only afford the $1500 lens I want… well maybe then I could produce some awesome pics…. (hint hint)

MotionBlur1 MotionBlur5 MotionBlur6 editStill14 Still15

I have like 300 more photos of the event but I’ll just leave it at this. I really liked making the weapons blur instead of just freezing the action…See I can be artistic when I want to be!  I also got really good feedback from the dojo saying they were some of the best of power weekend.. so that did boost my photography ego a bit… at least temporarily.. Mr. Professor the Perfectionist will squash it down again come Tuesday lol.

I am so proud of my fellow teammates doing such an awesome job during power weekend! My main partner, who I have dubbed Snugglebear went up for his blackbelt.


I had made a sign (didn’t even take a photo what the crap) where I glued a bear on it and wrote Team SnuggleBear.Then had as many Team G (our location) peeps sign it.. Team G people kept commenting to me that no one from the other two dojos knew what Team SnuggleBear meant! haha.. Snuggle Bear became an enigma that we finally revealed when he got his advancement stripe.

Tonight are black belt speeches where each location honors the newest set of black belts. We feast, we mingle, we show our unity as we listen to each black belt elect speak of their journey. It’s a time for tissues and to inspire those who are still on their journey towards getting their black belt. I can’t say enough how much I love my dojo family and how proud I am of my team mates!


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