Faithie the Jiu Jitsu Newb….


Ah! What a horrible pic.. but there it is 😛

I did in fact try out a BJJ class! 

I think having a really good partner your first class is crucial. The martial arts really requires you to have to interact with another person. If partners aren’t willing to invest some time into teaching the basics to a newb then the whole experience can be ruined..

I’m glad that my experience was enhanced by my partner. My partner was someone that has impressed me immensely in Thai and Krav so I knew I was in good hands. She was patient took the time to explain things to me. She also wasn’t gentle.. a lot of girls in thai are … well girly which is why I like partnering with guys… I have to admit I was pretty girly to her though.  

The Shihan took a video.. You can totally tell I’m new to this type of style.. 

So why not then be called out by the Shihan to randori?

Randori, for those not in a know.. is exactly how I described BJJ in my previous post.. In the last few minutes the guys are so sweaty and gross.. so let’s wrestle! I guess I was lucky I got the Shihan because some of the men were so nasty they were leaving sweat angels on the mats.. EWWW

Like I said, the Shihan is a great instructor and it was quite the experience having him as my very first randori partner. He gave me two goals – to get to either a mount position (where I’m on top) or if I’m on the bottom to be able to wrap my legs around his torso.. Sounds easy right? 

I had absorbed some things watching the kids in their class 😉 But it felt mostly like I was a wriggling fool. Ducking elbows and legs.. Not really sure how I ended up where I was lol. I could tell he was letting me lead and was just reacting to what I did.. I kept trying to mount but his damn leg was always one step ahead! That was actually super frustrating damnit!  

My friend J calls BJJ “The thinking man’s martial art” but I think it’s more related to Chess. 

My Kyoshi is eager to make me a BJJ card. My only concern is that it’s so late at night. It’s the last class of the night, and I’m usually getting the kids to bed when it ends. which is honestly probably why it’s more of a man’s sport at our dojo.. not to stereotype or anything.. but of course the hubsands are more free to be at the dojo later when there are kids involved.. it’s usually the momma putting the kids to sleep

We’ll see… I did love it and want to keep at it.. but it’s not on the top of my priority list right now. 


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