Hey Karate Kid.. You ready to try Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?



My son and daughter both started karate when they were young. Nothing fancy, just your basic run of the mill karate that usually integrated a few other forms here or there. 

My son lived for the days when our old Sensei would teach them a little bit of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. My son would watch as mostly men would have a BJJ class on Saturday mornings. He thought they were so cool and manly. When they tried out some of the basic techniques in his class he too felt cool and manly… 

To me it looked a like a bunch of sweaty guys wrestling and grunting a lot.. but everyone sees different things lol. 

When I found out that our sister dojo was going to be having a kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu course I knew my son would freak! And so.. because I love my son… we spent the last few Wednesdays of before school ended for the summer rushing like mad people a few towns over to be there on time.. 

My daughter was eager to not be left out. She was two months shy of the age cut off but I convinced the Shihan who instructed that she was leauges beyond her age level. 


This class was offered to all three school’s youth age level children, but of the 12 students there 8 were from our dojo. That helped to ease my daughter’s mind because she got a bit nervous and out of her element at first. The Shihan was so patient and kind with her. He just sat next to her and let her get used to his presence until she was comfortable to step on the mats. Now she loves him to pieces. 

His style works so well with my son. He is more about showing with no words.. Just silence. And that forces you to REALLY pay attentions to the moves and not the words (if that makes sense). 

IMG_20140528_163654_952 My kids have been loving every minute of it!


The class has been doing so well they added Mondays as well. It’s been a pain with work/and other stresses to get them there but my dojo family has been helping me out. 

Two weeks ago they earned their first stripes:



I’m so proud of them for trying a new martial art and showing such great dedication and perseverance at such a young age. 

Not to brag or anything.. but my kids are super cool 

And maybe so cool that I myself might try it out????????


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