Back To School Challenge

Please excuse the language on the meme.. I couldn’t help myself!

Summer is halfway over and the stores are already having back to school sales.. 

And I love it.. 

I’m a bit of a geek.. I love getting new pencils and notepads.. I seriously loved back to school shopping as a kid. LOVED. Even after I graduated high school I had to stock up on things even if I didn’t NEED them… just to keep the back to school spirit alive.  I realize that it’s nothing more than another way to exploit consumers.. but I am a willing consumer who will spent $$$ even though I have plenty of decent pencils… NO SHAME HERE… 

When my kids started school I was excited because that meant I could pass on my fervor for back to school shopping….It would forever become a family tradition to get them geared up and excited for school!!!!

Then I found out that their school provides all their supplies excluding a backpack and lunch bag… 

<insert sad face yet happy wallet>

We went to the store the other day and we passed the back to school shopping sales. I seriously squealed like a kid at Christmas… 

But since we don’t NEED anything for school…I was conflicted……….

I decided to make a fun challenge out the experience along with getting to snag a few things. After all.. I am going back to school too.. I actually did need a few things! 

I told the kids they each had $15 they could spend for upcoming school supplies. I wouldn’t judge what they were, but that it should be practical because I wouldn’t be buying them any more supplies for school. 

Here’s how we made out:




We did learn a few things in bartering too.. For instance.. I got erasable pens.. I traded two of them for half of my son’s note cards. My daughter gave my son one of her tiny spiral notebooks just for being nice to her…

So all in all we had fun and I got a back to school shopping fix.. Win/win! 

 If you have $15 (or equivalent currency) to spare and you want to join our back to school challenge..send a pic of your purchases to and I’ll feature you in a back to school post! 


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