1000 baby!



Today is a day to celebrate!

Woah! It took a little over a year, but NinjasInStitches has 1000 followers! That is super impressive in my book! I am elated!!!!!!!

Thank you all for your loyal support of me rambling like a madwoman!


In other news, I am ready for June to be over. It will forever now be named the cursed month of family DOOM.

First, my son developed a rash on his face that no one is quite sure where it came from. He was put on steroids which made him as moody as a teenager. <~ But I was out of town for the initial part of that fun!

We had a bonfire night at my house, where my husband had to save one of my friends from falling into the fire…. only he ended up stepping in it and getting 2nd degree burns. He was in pain, life sucked for awhile but he got of work for a week and half so he chalks it up as a you give a little to get a little.

My mom has been shirking going to the doctor for weeks now.. I’m pretty sure my Aunt Debbie threatened to fly down and drag her by the ear if she didn’t go on her own. She’s been in the hospital for 7 days and just got released.

As a result I’ve been working night shift after night shift after night shift as there’s no one available to work them.. But it’s kind of a you give some to get some deal of my own. I was able to sit and stitch for the first time in 2 months and have absolute peace and quiet.

Picture from DailyHit.com

Oh Drop Dead Diva.. you have been my therapy as I go through this horrid week. It’s the one thing I look forward when I come and get tons of overtime and lack of sleep.



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