August 22nd 2013 I had left the hotel to pursue a college career.

This week  I officially rejoined the hotel work force.

Maaaan… You can’t get away from this place for too long. I used to kid about that. How my Uncle would never let me leave.. I worry sometimes the truth to that statement. I’ve been here here twelve years. TWELVE YEARS! Longer than I’ve been out of high school, I’ve been associated with this place. I dunno how long I plan on staying, as there was some contention between my mom and uncle (and therefore myself) about if I would get days or nights. I decided to work nights for now because during the summer I can spend the days with my kids. Then when summer ends I’ll either go to days or just bounce… Keep my options open and whatnot 😉

One thing: people haven’t changed!

“I know I shouldn’t ask this since you work there and all, but is your hotel clean?” I’m in sales dude.. what do you think I’m really going to say?! My job is to make this place sound better than even your own home! Actually I always tell the truth. Check our reviews online, words from previous guests will always speak louder than what I say because you already assume my opinion is going to be bias… This is also in relation to asking me about crime in our area, pricing due to location, and if I know what the weather is going to be like during your stay six weeks from now…  

I no longer have the ability to play my clueless former clerk entity. I used to play this naive girl who is sweet and sociable, but has no control over anything.. You don’t yell at the sweet girl at the desk who has no control over anything right? <~ Well sweet naive Faithie passed away during my first year of college to be replaced with Hotel Faithie 2.0. According to our night auditor I now use big fancy words that confuse our guests. (one day I hope to sound as educated as the graduate girls from the conference I went too) My mom laughed when a guy asked for a razor and I gave him a white one that had a yellow tip. He started to hand it back and asked for one for a woman. I apparently gave him an “are you stupid?” look and informed him that it was a gender neutral razor. He paused for a second, unsure of what I was saying so I had to inform him that it meant that both males and females can use the razor….I’m not even gunna add a snarky comment here…

So to sum up my summer work plans:


5 thoughts on “Rewind…..

  1. I think hoteliers are cool! They always look nice and the one’s I’ve come across with have always been professional. So, does working in a hotel take away the glamour and glitz that hotels seem to be to vacationers?

  2. Yeah.. but i think it’s because I’m in management. When you work under a corporation licence such as we do there’s quite a lot of hoops you have to continually jump through to maintain the corporation’s image.. so when I stay at other hotels.. I can’t help but get irritated when they don’t follow certain guidelines lol. As for conflict resolutions.. other front desk clerks are super awesome to deal with because they know the ins and outs and are less to be upset when things happen 😉

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