Non Traditional Students and Worlds Colliding.

I found the word that described my college experience while away at the conference last weekend (which was awesome) I am a non traditional college student! What what means? I dunno exactly, but it’s certainly how I felt this weekend. For one, I am old. Not OLD OLD, but not crazy in my youth either. I’m a mother, who doesn’t get the freedom to just think about me for long periods of time. A lot of the actions I make or opportunities that I can obtain are largely centered around my two minions. I’m content with that notion. After all, it reminds me that my world does not revolve around myself.

Nor should it.

Could you imagine if the world revolved around me? It would be complete chaos! Random flash dance mobs in supermarkets and the right to stamp “unbreedable” on the majority of the population.


Anyway, as a result I found myself unable to relate to a lot of the other young women at the conference because let’s face it… They are all doe eyed and dreamy and I’m like “damn you people for not having a readily supply of coffee for me” It was awkward just being from a community college too. Most were from graduate schools and talked straight out of a professor’s coursebook. And the only thing I’m doing is signing “Happy” by Pharell Williams as I walk around the campus. I guess I’m just not a professional type of person. If you have a song in your head sing it!

For the record, I do consider myself a very smart person. I’ve posted my grades. I am pretty awesome!  These young women seriously made me feel like I should have been reading the dictionary on the 7 hour drive down. Partner that with the fact that everyone had a 5 year plan. For instance: Girls: “Oh what are you majoring in?” Me: “Um awesomeness?” Sorry ladies. But I’m a by the semester type gal right now. I have no idea what I’m having for dinner most nights let alone have my entire life planned out for me. I don’t have that Type A needs everything to be wrapped up and organized. I thrive on things being MESSY.

Another factor was that I was married. Have been since most of these ladies were in elementary school. There were a handful of older women at this convention but all the ones I spoke to were divorced. Apparently that made me unable to relate to these women at times either.. Seriously, the second it got mentioned I was married and they were divorced it was like a wall was erected between us. WTF?! I can be firm in my independance and lack of needing a man too. <~ I’ve been doing that as a submariner’s wife from day one! I come with certificates from various captains thanking me for my awesomeness as being such a strong and independant woman…

And I couldn’t even fit in with the other mom’s. There was one workshop called “A Balancing Act:  Supporting Student Parents” I was excited. This workship SCREAMED me. Unfortunately it did not scream to most of the women. (although that’s not surprising). They had four women student speakers talking about the work they did to promote child care ability to those in community colleges. Three of the four women were older and parents ANd at community colleges. <~ Yay! Those at the workshop were mostly younger. They all had children in high school which were now toddlers and whatnot back at home. I wanted to be like “You go girl! You are awesome”…. except I pretty much was ignored. There were two older women who downright looked miserable. Wanted nothing to do with anyone. I will say that person in charge of the workshop was REALLY awesome..

So in all the hats that make uniquely me.. none really fit at all this weekend…..


This post was in relations to the Daily Post’s Prompt on World’s Colliding which can be found here


4 thoughts on “Non Traditional Students and Worlds Colliding.

  1. I really relate to this. I now study through distance learning which is already unusual but when I studied at a traditional university I had already left home before I applied so I didn’t live in halls. I studied psychology for a few years but now study for an open degree. When somebody asks what I am studying my most recent answer is “I don’t know!” (said with enthusiastic excitement about feeling free to study what interests me) but I have since learned that saying I am studying for an open degree and explaining that means I can study modules from any discipline makes me sound less stupid. Years ago I was that Type A personality but I wasn’t happy. Taking a less traditional route works for me.
    Conferences are very strange. You get the people who have come to get their CPD hours or have to be there and just want free food, the people who are best friends with the speakers and have their little clique, the people who are just there to network (I think I dislike those people most) and the people who genuinely want to be there. I tend to go to conferences with the assumption I won’t actually meet anyone I want to speak to but usually I find one wonderful person and they cancel out all the self-obsessed, forced-intellectual ones.

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