I’m running away!

I even hired some college friend goons, and an organization to fund my three day kidnapping.

Seriously though. As part of the club I help run on the college campus I was offered an all expense paid trip to a Women’s Leadership Conference. <~ I was raised to never refuse a generous gift like that!

This is the longest I have been away from my kiddos. The last time I went away was with the hubby 4 years ago. And we only stayed away for 2 nights.

My kids seem to be taking it well. My daughter asked who would wake her up for school. My son asked who was making him lunch. I gave my daughter an alarm clock and told my son to make his own bloody lunches for 2 days. Both are happy. This also proves that as the mommy in the house, I am becoming pretty obsolete.

My husband, ya know the one that averages 200 days away from home a year, is having more trouble adjusting to my absence. He wanted to know who I was going with, where we were staying, and everything we would be doing (plus how much was coming out of his pocket). I think he thinks I’m secretly going to our nations capital to reenact a girl’s gone wild video…

Anyways…. If I’m smart I’ll document some of my experiences as some REALLY awesome women are making appearances at this conference.

Have an awesome weekend! 😉


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