Sociology and 4.0 GPAs



Final Grades are out!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s all do a biiiiig happy dance!!!! 

First of all, I have to give major credit to those that take more than three courses at a time. Seriously, to be able to juggle and transition through more courses deserves an award. I have learned that three courses is my limit. 

I decided that since I had the funding to take summer classes, that I would. I picked two courses that seemed easy and interesting. My first course is Principles of Sociology.

After my first week of online courses, and getting completely absorbed into the readings, I think sociology was made for me. I thoroughly enjoying understanding WHY people do what the do. And this course gives a rubric for a deeper understanding of how connected people are to their communities. 

Unfortunately,  I’m starting to think that maybe online courses are not for me.. 

In both classroom and online courses, participation is a portion of your grade. But in classroom settings, there are definitely a set of people that dominate the discussion. I am definitely a grab control of the conversation if no one wants it type person. Sorry? Well kind of, because I do find myself talking A LOT in classrooms. I will always wait like 30 seconds for someone else to start the conversation, but especially in English it was like it was my job to find a way for the conversation to be spring-boarded around the classroom. Then in lulls I would speak my opinion again and bring dying conversations back to life again. You’re WELCOME ENGLISH 102 students 😉 (Geez…I think these grades are giving me a bit of an ego…..)

But in online courses, or this one at least, it’s clear that you will fail if you do not contribute to the conversation. What I’ve found ends up happening is that this really equates to multiple threads of regurgitated crap… For instance, one of our first articles was about the Chicana workforce in domestic positions. <~ the majority of people posted about how it’s wrong and how those in retail and whatnot should be paid more and treated better. I’m all up in my own thread trying to discuss the WHY this happens not why it shouldn’t. Let’s be real for a second… Stop denying that you don’t do that. I don’t have to know you in real life to know that it’s complete bullsh*t. You may not do it to the degree that domestic worker’s have to endure, but that doesn’t mean you don’t inwardly want to rip into the baggage person that overfilled your bag and it spilled it’s contents all over the floor.

So this leads my to my own need for a sociological study. Why are a lot of students completely blind when it comes to certain information.. It’s like Dr. Who and his whole fixed points theory. There are certain “points” of information that we as a society are ingrained to ignore. 

Another for instance:

In my English 101 class we read an article about how Hawaii is one of the most mixed racial areas. Despite this, racism still exists on the islands. 

My English 101 teacher asked us to free write about what we felt this article was about. Instead of hinting about the racism still being prevalent, most students wrote about how great multiculturalism is and how we all need look beyond our races to see we’re all human.. <~ True yes, but not the point of the article.. not even close…

Our teacher went red into the face he was so pissed off. I let him go for about a two minutes before I raised my hand. I told him you really can’t blame these younger students for being unable to grasp the point of this article. I dunno about most states, but in my own, multiculturalism is pushed down student’s throats to the point of being close to brain washing. After years of this you can’t blame these younger students for being unable to digest any information that contradicts this. 

You can see this similar “brainwashing” in other areas…for instance in the topic we’re talking about sociology. I can’t blame these students for refusing to ignore the information presented to them…. but I feel I am allowed to be a bit frustrated.. 

I’ve tried engaging the class and asking questions that spark up a deeper critical thinking threads…. *crickets chirping* 

It makes me really sad because I love this course so much and I want to be able to discuss and really get into the readings. It is only the first week, maybe things will be better as people get more comfortable with the course..  😦



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