What Type of Black Belt Would You Make?


By watching other black belts within my dojo I’ve noticed that there are differing types of black belts.



The first, is the “elitist” black belt. Before their black belt they were your average student. Strap that black strip around their waists and they walk around the dojo like they own it. They correct everyone on everything, enforce dojo protocol more ferociously than the Kyoshi’s and feel the need to lecture you endlessly… <~ Douche to the extreme… and thankfully very rare



Then there’s the humble “a black belt is just a white belt that never quits” black belt. These black belts continue on training like they never even earned a black belt. They don’t believe there is an elevation of status and don’t see any division between them and any belt lower. <~ super cool and chill



Lastly  there’s the “Sensei” Black Belts. These black belts feel there is a responsibility to share what they’ve learned with the underbelts. They spend most of their time going over forms and techniques than actually caring about their own training. <~ Leaders of awesomeness.


What kind of black belt will I make?





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