I can breathe again!!!

My spring semester came to a close today!

I can’t even begin to express the hell that was the last two weeks. There was no rest for this wicked woman. It mostly boiled down to one insane paper that consumed so much of my time…….soooooo much.

But it’s DONE! Dropped in a box to be reviewed and critiqued..the two classes I know I got A’s in.. but this one… I dunno.. If I don’t get a good grade I think it’s going to set a bad example for my stellar work ethic.. I mean really, why put in so much work if I’m still going to be told it sucks? That’s why I like Math.. it’s concrete and leaves little need for interpretation. Either you know it or you don’t.. but English.. I still have no clue.

Why is it that I can have NOTHING going on and no one wants to do anything. But have a lot of work to do and suddenly everyone wants to be my buddy and hang out. It’s like people can SMELL the fact you can’t go out and it just makes them want to.

I did get to go out Saturday night. It was awkward and fun and awkward again. First of all, this was the first time EVER that every single one of my worlds merged together. School Faithie, Karate Faithie, Navy Wife Faithie, Momma Faithie and just plain old wife Faithie converged.. My husband had never met any of my college friends. One of my thai partners in crime came to celebrate. And we met up with some of our friends from the boat. I am so glad that things blended so well. I mean I do pride myself in surrounding myself with some pretty awesome folks, but with so many people meeting so many other people in a short  time frame  you really never know how it’s going to play out….. fortunately it went well!

All in all, consider this my declaration of being able to post more on this blog 😉


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