Faithie, the Almost Black Belt


Last weekend was my final testing for my black belt. It consisted of 3 two hour sessions, one of which began at 6 am. I had been dreading this because I really didn’t think I could endure six hours with my Shihan who can be pretty intense.. but it actually flew by so quickly!! 


There was running… ooooo so much running… 


Showing our proficiency in weapons


Self Defense portion.. couldn’t get a non blurry pic of this portion because we were SO AWESOME 😉

There was sparring, which I have no pics of myself doing.. bummer.. 


There was running in the sparring gear… which didn’t suck as much as in my head I thought it would…. If I learned anything sparring. it’s that I’m a mouth breather.. I always feel like I’m not getting enough air in when I breathe through my nose.. So having a mouth guard in I feel like I’m a fish gasping for air. EVERY TIME.. 


There was focus drills. 


There were tons of photos taken

Especially of me with my awesome partners in crime:



And I passed! Which promoted me from Black Belt Candidate to Black Belt Elect. That’s right.. come the end of this month I will be presented with my awesome new BLACK BELT! 

Oh and a special thanks to my two adoring fans who supported me throughout the whole weekend:



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