Faithie the Rude Monster

Since I have been updating monthly with my stashy purchasing updates, I thought I would fill you in that I was kicked out of the Stitch For Stash Challenge.

Oh Faithie, getting into trouble again!! Did I call someone some names that only a sailor’s wife can say with the proper flair? Did I bully someone and use my Krav Skills to take candy from a baby?

Nope.. I apparently hurt the moderators feelings…

Bad Faitie!


It’s funny you should ask..

I regret to inform you that you have been removed from the Stitch from Stash 2014 group. This is due to some comments made on the Cross Stitch Forum.
Not all people who were involved in the discussion or made negative comments were banned from the group. Only those that went on and on about it or went about it in a rude way. If you’d like to know what comments were considered in this removal they included (but were not limited to):
 I think a lot of the “meh factor” as I call it is because of unclear guidelines set in place followed by such a quick lapse of those guidelines by the person moderating the challenge. I think Gparr hit it on the nail when he said this really becomes a game of how well you can rationalize your spending.. 
The italicized portion is a response I made in a forum thread which is how I heard about the challenge in the first place. There’s been some dissent, with most of my forum members dropping out… Mostly because the moderator, who said she devised the challenge to keep herself in check went and allotted herself a $100 spending spree a few months in.. So yeah, the followers who were taking this challenge seriously are going to give you a big WTF… In that there was no clear what is this and what is that.. when you look at the rules it seems legit but reading all my forum friend’s comments it really was a game of being able to justify you expenses… that wasn’t at the moderator of this challenges fault.. well maybe a little.. but mostly it was to how well people can’t stick to a budget and will do acrobats to rationalize their spending…
I myself was taking this pretty seriously..
She also copied another comment I made but it has no context without what I was responding to.. So here’s the full dish on that:
From a forum member:
I did have a bit of a :shock: when I got up to the clerk though. The fabric I bought was on sale for 70% off and then there was 19 inches left on the roll so when that happens they give it to you for the original % off and another 50% so they do not have to mess with what they call a remnant. So I said yes I would take it. Well they have those silly machines that read the USP codes and it prints out a paper to tell the clerk how much fabric they cut for you. Suppose to be more efficient right???????? Yeah well I never pay any attention to it when they had it off to me. So I get to the check out and the girl runs the scissors and threaders and then the paper with the fabric and the screen comes uo to almost $3000. Yeah I said $3000. I was like WHAT!!!!!!! And the girls was like :thinks: :thinks: :thinks: I do not know how the guy did it but when he was inputting the 19 inches of remnant it came out as 569 yards of fabric??????????? I told the girl she could keep it if she was going to charge me that. Good thing she had a sense of humor as she came back with nope once it is in the machine you have to take it. We had a good laugh then she called the shift manager and we got it all worked out but WOW that is what I call sticker shock. I came home and told hubby and he said I was no longer allowed in any crafting stores if I was going to need a secured loan to shop in them
My response:
Could you imagine if you did report that amount to the person running the challenge!!!
Her email ended with:
Anyone that was extremely dissatisfied with the group has been removed so that the others who are enjoying the group have a better chance at the prizes.
Best of luck with your new stitch from stash group.
AH! That’s where the hurt comes from… See the cross stitch group I’m with decided to make their own version of this challenge with more concise guidelines and that hurt this person’s feelings.. Which.. I totally get… but you know what that means when someone tries to copy you? You’ve made celebrity status! People want TO BE LIKE YOU! Emulation is a form of flattery I’m told…  get over it.
Because I have been keeping to $25 dollars on all guidelines and I like to participate in things I told the person in charge of the forum’s group to sign me up.. but who has been so swamped with school and black belt training and kids that I didn’t even actually participate in the forum’s challenge?
So yeah! Call me Faithie the bully.. or Faithie the drama starter…
But really.. It’s tell as I see it Faithie

5 thoughts on “Faithie the Rude Monster

  1. That’s hilarious and I don’t understand at all. I don’t know how she chose which people to get mad at… I said things too but I didn’t get banned… Maybe my things weren’t as offensive? At least you’re taking it well! 🙂

    1. lol yeah I like to think I’m handling my getting kicked out pretty well too ;). After I wrote this, I posted on the forum and seriously went on with my day. It’s pretty much all you can do! If anything I was really amused by how ridiculous this whole situation was handled. Did you sign up for the forum’s challenge? Because I’m thinking she decided to cull everyone that had signed up for the forum’s.

      1. Yup! I did, I have no idea why I wasn’t kicked out honestly. Maybe she wasn’t able to connect the dots with who I am (I have so many different usernames so I could see that 100%)? Either way, I enjoy tracking my spending even if I did spend wayyyy too much a few months ago. 😀

        I’m always where there is drama it seems, never starting it but def participating in it. Life’s not fair so whatever happens you’ve got to take it with a grain of salt! Keep trucking on and stitching up a storm! 😀

      2. I’m not usually in drama.. but maybe I really am I’m just clueless about it like I was in this instance lol. I’m a very honest person. I tell it like I see it, but as one person told me once, I tell it in constructive way. People are flawed and filled with faults.. I’m the same way so who am I really to judge? I appreciate when people tell me “I think you’re wrong” because for all I know I could be. How am I to get any better as an individual if I’m not willing to accept when I’m wrong and learn from it? That’s especially important when you are in a leadership position (such as a moderator of a challenge). This is her first time doing it so there’s undoubtedly going to be some hiccups. There are ESPECIALLY going to be people complaining even if you’re doing an A+ job. That’s just how it works. Not everyone is going to like your rules, and they most certainly should have the right to express them even if it’s not to you personally. If it had been me I would have read the comments on the forum, worked with the information given me and either asserted my authority in the matter “ie I am the one that makes the rules, so either adhere to them or leave” or I’d see that these comments had value and make the appropriate changes. Instead she took the cowardly measure of using her power in the challenge to kick people out on bogus reasoning. If the moderator doesn’t have the backbone to lead this properly, then I’m completely ok with being kicked out.

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