Then And Now


I am noticing as of late, how different of a person I was when I was Faith the Almighty. Those not aware, that was the title I had as a senior student in high school that the freshman gave me. I had a mini cult following… But that was almost 12 years and instead of followers I have  a family that expects me to get up before the sun does…

But that’s besides the point..

Here’s an example of how I changed:

Photo Here

Roswell was THE show for me and my friends. It concluded pretty much when our high school days did… fate… pretty much..

But back then I was always wrapped up in the Maria and Michael angst.. I loved me a semi bad boy who was misunderstood… It’s as no surprise really that the relationship that ended with the beginning of my blogging career fell the same path…

Flash foreward to a year ago when I re-watched the show.. and I was on team Max and Liz! Let’s face it, Max came with some pretty hefty baggage himself (hello wifey Tess) but still.. he was keeper


The Daily Prompt asked:

Which subject in school did you find impossible to master? Did math give you hives? Did English make you scream? Do tell!


Most of my K-12 education years I hated math. My problem was that I picked up on it quickly. Too quickly that repeatedly doing it over and over in homework was the WORST torture ever. Seriously.. I can’t tell you have many “talks” I had with various math teachers about how well I would do if I applied myself in homework. As a result of never doing homework I usually averaged C’s. <~ Hey I passed AND didn’t have to do the homework… Pretty validated in my math career choices.

Now… I am OWNING math. Homework still counts in college, but instead of like 25% of my grade it’s usually 15% and accumulated with attendance and participation.. Here’s the difference between now and them… I’m doing my homework.. even for the course where the teacher never checked. I enjoy working out the puzzles especially since in my current math class I’m practically teaching myself the material.. I currently have a 103 in that class.. so I must be doing something right 😉


My strong suit in high school was English. Literature and analyzing and interpreting was my thing. There was a comfort in completely being justified in my way of interpretation and the freedom of forming own my thoughts.. I loved to write and would write in journals for hours.

Now…. It’s become very apparent that English isn’t exactly that way. I’ve wondered if some of my grades in English were based on the opinions of my professor versus a legit grading system. It’s not a cut and dry with  one specific answer world like math.

One similarity though..

Is that I am fascinated with the sciences such as biology and chemistry….. but have no desire to put the effort required in these courses. As a result, I have not taken any in my freshman year of college.


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