The Time has come…. for another birthday party.

I looove to throw a good birthday party.

It really engages my creative side.. I really don’t think it costs a whole lot of money to throw a good party when you’re creative about it..

My son it turning 9 soon, and I’m excited for the party possibilities! He broke my heart last year and claimed he was too old for a party. He invited a bunch of kids to the movies. All he wanted was to sit with his friends with no parents around and act like a grown up..

*snfl* where is the fun in that?!

The year before that for his 7th we had a monster birthday party. It fell on Friday the 13th so..yeah. it was pretty fitting!


Is that not one of the coolest cakes you’ve ever seen?!

One of the things I love about my husband’s family is how willing to go “all out” with us… this party was like a second Halloween!

We dimmed the lights and used black lights to light most of the party… Had a coloring station with highlighters that a lot of the girls loved..

This year our theme is:

Oh yeah… I’m talking targets galore…using the manroom in our house as a blacklight training center…. and then painting the adults up as zombies and have them coming out from the woods (weather permitting)

I’m excited!!!

Prepare for some epic posts involving all my ideas 😉




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