To Bead or Not to Bead…


This my friends is my new bead loom.

I am proud today!! 

I have learned that stringing the loom is like an art itself! You want the threads to be firm yet not tight. In my attempts previously I could usually get the tension that I wanted.. but it fizzles somehow.. like it was getting loosened somewhere and it would sag… 

Not any more!! I figured out a way to keep my tension spot on for the entire duration of my project.. and that included little kid fingers plucking it like it was a harp… O.O


What I really like about this new toy/craft/art of mine is that it’s quick! I can make a bracelet or whatever in a night… I was looking through all the beads I’ve acquired as of late and figured I’d make a small bracelet.


You can already see an improvement in my tension vs my last project.. Look out world.. One day I’ll be a pro!!!

I use the base of the loom kind of like a table.. let my beads free roam while I’m working.. I need to figure out a better way to do this, because clean up time is a pain! 


This is the final result! I’m in need of finding an awesome way of finishing off the threads… I have an idea on how to clean it up so hopefully my next quick project will be even better! 




4 thoughts on “To Bead or Not to Bead…

  1. I just saw one of these in a thrift shop and had no idea what it was! Is it hard to do? I’m now tempted to go back for it (as if I need another hobby)!

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