Spring Break!


It’s Spring Break for this college student!!

Let the parties and insane drinking begin! Even better let’s travel somewhere where bikinis can be worn without adding 7 layers!!!


Or…. we could settle for Plan B

Which will now be known as the EXTREME SPRING BREAK CLEANING EXTRAVAGANZA! (the extravaganza misleads me into think I’ll actually enjoy this process…how devious)

I spent yesterday making epic lists.. breaking my days down to the hour so that I stay super productive.. Each day I focus on a specific room(s). I’ve also made a detailed list of what exactly needs done in these rooms…

I’m pumped!!! This house is going to look someone gives a damn!

 IMG_20140317_082919_089 (2)

Yup.. this is what 30 year olds do folks… they get excited for cleaning….


3 thoughts on “Spring Break!

  1. My “Spring Break” was the first week of March and didn’t really happen, since I had a semester A class start and…yeah, we still assignments due at 8:30 Saturday night. >..<

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